100 Daily Declarations

100 Declarations


December saw the release of The Prayer Relay Movement’s debut book, titled ‘100 Daily Declarations’. This book was and continues to be well received across the world, as God continues to expand its reach. Many great reviews and comments have been received of how this book has impacted on various lives across the world, all glory be to God.

What is 100 Daily Declarations?

100 Daily Declaration is firstly a prayer book, that contains scriptural guideline and prayer points for prayer. It was written completely based on the book of Genesis. What the Prayer Relay team did was go through the book of genesis and extract powerful scriptures for prayer points. As the title suggests this book is meant to be read over a period of 100 days. Each day has a devotional, a declaration and a prayer point. The purpose of this book is to motivate you, to equip you for prayer and to draw you closer to the king of kings. Our belief and the belief that is behind this book is that the word of God has immeasurable power, and that just one word from him can change any situation, thus our cover also says “A word a day keeps the devil at bay”. This is in no way a suggestion that one should read or apply one word a day, it is simply to affirm the fact that one word from God can change your situation.


Where can I get it from? 

This book is available from various book outlets. You can get it from Amazon kindle, Lulu, Google Play books and more. You can also get it here as a free eBook when you sign up to our mailing list, which is located on our homepage. The main aim of this book is to reach as many readers as possible for God’s glory.

I advise to get yourself a copy of this book today. Do not wait.