Tee Wyla ft Twyse iLLSong Project Crazy for You

twyse illsong

TWyse iLLSong Crazy For You

If you read our previous post, you would know just how much of a fan I am of the producer Tee Wyla and the rapper TWyse’s tape “The iLLSong Project Volume 1”. As such, I will be doing a post of each song individually. It is rare that you find a tape that is so well put together. I cannot even pick my favourite song off the tape, there are absolutely no fillers on this one. Each song is perfect as is, and well suited to the project as a whole.


Crazy for you

My first impression was just how awesome this song is as an opener to the tape. The beat is very uptempo, with some great drumming at the start. It is a single verse track,not too long. It does wet your appettite for what the rest of the tape is to bring.

twyse illsong

I’ll never bring you something that doesn’t cost me

When I worship, it’ll be the best I can bring

When I dance for you I’ll always dance a crazy dance

My life was nothing, but then you gave me a second chance

I’m crazy for you

I’m crazy for

TWyse illsong Crazy For You Verse:

I dance like David every time I’m in the zone

You can ask my Afri-can they’ll tell you when I was home
When I was home my mind was so blown
I knew it wasn’t the wind coz the temperature was warm
For some reason I keep lifting up my arms
My legs keep twitching while I’m banging on my palms

PLus I keep blurting out the Psalms
And they’re looking at me crazy
Well then Crazy I are,  crazy I’ll be boy

Like an RnB Boy
Used to be a Big-Boy now I redeem D-boys
And I’m standing in my B-boy stance
Hurry up and take this microphone so I can lift up my hands


All that You want from me is just to give a crazy praise
Abondoned happinness and joy beyond my wildest dreams
I’ll jump and scream for You and glorify Your awesome name
The Sky will break, with noise and dump on us a second rain.
I’ll go crazy for you, I’ll go crazy for you


Crazy for you,

Crazy for you,

In its entirety Twyse iLLSong project is as I have repeately mentioned is a solid tape. The original vocals that were used in this song were done by Deluge of the self titled album.