What Tee Wyla Ft Twyse iLLSong Project did for me

tee wyla ft twyse illsong project

Tee Wyla ft TWyse iLLSong Project

tee wyla ft twyse illsong project


There have hardly been many posts that I can say have been long overdue. This is one of those posts. I have wanted to write this post for the last 6 years or so. As much as I feel like it should have come a lot sooner, I feel as though I have become more and more aware of the impact of this project with more time having passed. I’ll attempt to put this into context, I was raised within the church and always mingled within Christian circles. What that meant was that I spent a lot of time learning and singing a lot of different songs and hymns. For the most part the words meant very little or nothing to me. Very few of these songs actually struck a chord within my heart, something that I could resonate with. Enter the Tee Wyla ft TWyse iLLSong Project!!

What is the iLLSong Project?:

It is a worship and rap project based on Hillsong tracks, which is perhaps the inspiration for the title “iLLSong Project”, which I must say is a very “Hip” title!

What made Tee Wyla ft TWyse iLLSong Project so different?

The one genre of music that I had always been able to relate to was Hip Hop. I felt as though it told my story and spoke to me as an individual as opposed to some songs which I felt were for the masses. Hip Hop, I felt addressed issues that were at the teenage level that I was at the time.

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The iLLSong Project was my first encounter with worship of the Hip Hop version. This was worship that I could actually relate to. I was introduced to this tape by my pastor at the time, Pastor Grant Farah. He was one of those few pastors who embraced Christian Rap from its infancy and understood how important it would be in reaching the young generation. The sad truth is that up until this point I felt rather disjointed when I sang worship songs, as if my lips were saying what heart did not in actual fact feel. I felt as though I was in fact lying to God. I was lying to the one person who knew me inside out. All this would often make me feel like there was something wrong with me, or that I was missing something in all this.

I thank God for Tee Wyla and TWyse for bringing this project my way. It provided a way for me to relate to God through music. I could go as far as to say that, it birthed the worshipper in me. It got me listening to music that I would have otherwise never given a chance. More than anything, it introduced me to Tee Wyla and TWyse.


Tee Wyla

After listening to the iLLSOng Project I got in touch with Tee Wyla via email. The production was exceptional, and as such I was pleased to have been in touch with the man himself. He’s such a humble person, and a pleasure to speak with. I told him where I had come into his music, which was somewhat a surprise to him, but as any producer would be, he was very pleased of the reach that his project was having.


I did not know of TWyse or of his music up until I heard the iLLSong Project. I was however so impressed with his capabilities as an artist that I went and purchased his previous projects, followed him on music sites to keep up with his releases as well as gotten his latest album “Listen Up”. Through all this I have never at any point been disappointed in the quality of music, the production and most importantly the heart behind the message.

I found it very amusing to find out that the iLLSong Project did nto involve and song writing. It was all spoken straight from the heart! In my opinion, TWyse belongs to a group of select few artists in Christian Rap. He leaves his heart on every track.

I am looking forward to doing a song by song review and guide to the iLLSong Project. Watch this space!! I have also noted how difficult it can be to find the tape, so here goes: