The Church is a Workshop Part 1

The church is a workshop

As I wrote my last post, “Tell the church I’m fed up” this topic was one of the subtitles at that point I felt God had given me more material than I could fit in that one article. The result is this article. I feel that as believers we need to know the nature of the church. It is a tragedy when we are unaware of our own state of affairs. The word of God in Hosea 4:6 says,”My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge.” The minister Tyrone “TWyse” Smack says,”…not a lack of public school or a lack of college.” No matter what education the world may give you it does not guarantee that you are wise. For this reason alone we have what one minister refers to as “educated fools”. I feel at times as a church we’ve moved so far forward and grown that when the new come in they are rushed to catch up with us. They begin building their faith leaving some fundamental basics behind. They are in a rush to catch up with the tongue speaking, all word knowing folk. Don’t get me wrong, I personally strive to be an all word knowing believer. Allow me to share with you some basics

1. The Church is a no spectator Zone

We all come into church for different reasons. Some were born and raised in the church, others came in for a healing, others to find meaning in life…the list of potential reasons is endless. We need to know that because as a result of our different reasons for being part of the body of Christ, we are not the same. Believers need to understand that at some point in your walk in faith you might have to stand alone. Your faith needs to be built up to a point that you are not moved by the actions of those around you. We all have people we look up to. It might be the person who brought you to Christ, or possible just someone whose faith you admire. What happens when that person fails? What happens when everything around that individual seem to fall apart? What we are taught seldom prepares us for these scenarios. Imagine Job. He had people who admired him, a man who feared God and was prosperous in all that he did. At times as believers we take faith to be manifest in material possessions. I believe a lot of people came to God as a result of Job’s possessions, his generosity and simply by coming into contact with him. The bible says the man was blameless…he lived for the Lord. Now I need you to be honest with yourself, are those not the same people that came to Job when he had lost everything and told him to curse his God? Hebrews 11 calls faith the evidence of things not seen. Yet some how the church seeks evidence that can be seen.

We have forgotten that we come to church to seek the Lord and not for any individual. As a result of this we have people departing from their walk in faith when the ones they look up to fall. Or even at times seem to have fallen, as in Job’s case.What may seem like a fall may actually be the rise, an eagle swoops down before any major rise. Never the less we need not forget our purpose. We need to stay focused on our purpose in the church. At times this is the limiting factor even for worship in the church. Brethren have become too conscious of those around them that they are not longer able to connect with heavens. It’s sad how many have become spectators in the house of the Lord. This is how many are missing the move of the Lord, and end up claiming that the Lord is no longer moving. Perhaps we have become too comfortable in his presence that we have trivialised it. John 5:7 tells about the man that was next to the healing water. When Jesus asked him whether he wanted to be well he answered by saying there was no one to put him in the water when it is stirred. This man was seeking healing water yet right next to him stood the healer himself. At times we are too busy seeking man’s hand in our situations when the presence of God is what is needed. I charge you to let your faith be the one that goes before you and not your sight. Some of our brothers and sister believe more in their pastors than they believe in Jesus. For this reason churches go empty if the leader falls. Are you following your pastor or Christ? Do not be a spectator. Spectators are there to testify to what the Lord has done for others. They end up believing God’s favour is only for a chosen few.

2. It’s a hard hat area

Like any workshop the church is a hard hat area. For some reason believers have been duped to believe that the moment they have Christ is the moment everything falls into place. It is not so. The enemy forgets you when you are inactive as a believer because he know that his time is almost up. He has no time to focus on minor issues. He goes after believer, he goes after potential threats to his ways. The moment you are in church you need to wear a hard hat because the devil will throw all sort of things at you. For this very reason Paul in Ephesians 6:10 encourages us to put on the FULL armour of God. How do I know it will not be easy? Well in that chapter in verse 13 it says “having done all to stand, stand”. From this I understand that as a believer there are times that will come when I think that there is nothing else that can be thrown at me that I have stood strong. Yet something will still come when I have done all to stand. I will still need to stand. The main focus for the devil are the new believers, those who have just been saved because they are an easy target, which is why we need to remember them in our prayers and help them get the basics. Introduce them to the full armour of God. He also targets the leaders and those who are growing in faith. The leaders because when they fall a lot who are hanging onto them will fall with them, at times even if the leaders rise those who were holding onto them will not. The ones who are growing in faith because of the potential that he is afraid that they may realise. Do not be bothered by this, because in the presence of the Lord there is fullness of joy and there is liberty. No matter what is thrown against you our Lord will stand by you.

3. We are all one machine

As believers we form a machine that is the body of Christ. Some form the hand, some the legs and so on. We need one another. For the hand to reach the feet must take it there, the eyes must navigate the way, the legs must balance, the head must hold up the eyes…and so on and so forth. God built us as an entity so we may be able to stand together. His word says that he commands a blessing where there is unity. You and I need to be able to hold our breathren’s hand when they fall. To say a prayer for them when they are low and to let them know that you are praying for them, to encourage them and more. From the illustration above of the hand needing other parts to reach something, it is the same with us as believers. In order to reach our destinies we need others. I believe the main reason why there is so much negativity in this world is because some of us are not playing our parts. One song writer says,”If we are the body why aren’t his arms reaching?” I’ll tell you why the arms are not reaching. How can the arms reach less the legs move, how can the legs take them there less the feet take them there? How can the feet take them there lest the eyes navigate the way.

My brothers and sisters, if you will play your part and realise that even Christ in human form realise he needed a team. That is why he had disciples. Jesus came to earth to show us the way…Leviticus 26:8 says,”And five of you shall chase a hundred, and a hundred of you shall chase ten thousand;…” I dont know about you but I’d rather be a part of the hundred that chases ten thousand. Honestly how can we be divided yet we have the same manual, the bible? The bible in Acts speaks of a church at Antioch. Many scholars and preachers have referred to it as the purest form of the Christian church. No one in that church lacked. What we need to understand is that they did not say they were all wealthy. No one lacked simply because they were truly brothers and sisters to one another. They saw a need and stretched into it. If we could all adopt that view and take action to see it through the church will be a better place.

Keep Your Screws Tight

1 Peter 5:8 Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. 9Resist him, standing firm in the faith, because you know that your brothers throughout the world are undergoing the same kind of sufferings.

Brethren as much as the devil is concerned about the souls in the world, he has sleepless nights pondering on those in the church. One man said, “The devil is not bothered when you say Jesus…as a matter of fact he says Jesus at times, but he is bothered when you keep on saying Jesus.” There is unimaginable power in the name of Jesus. Any one in thisworld can say Jesus, that does not bother the devil. It is you and I that are in the church who will keep saying Jesus that will worry him. Don’t be misled, just as our father God never sleep neither does the devil. He has his eyes focused on the church as he knows that his time is almost up. He prowls around looking for someone to devour. He looks in the church for loopholes, he seeks to cause division. For how can a city stand if it fights against itself? As I mentioned earlier he targets mainly the new believers; who are still weak, the believers who are growing in Christ; for he fears that they may grow and reach their God designed potential, and the leaders; as he knows that if he strikes them down the flock will be scattered. New believers come in for different reasons. They evade the world to become a part of the body of Christ. Do not be temptation to them. It is dangerous when a new believer who struggled in the world with fornication comes to church and only to see more cleavage than he saw in the world. Are you looking for a man? Well, the way you dress is the first thing a man will notice about you. Ask yourself what kind of men you are attracting to yourself? Are they the kind of men you really need around you? I often hear women say,”Why do I always get the wrong men, the dogs?” Perhaps it’s because you present yourself to them as thie kind of woman. These “hounds” are looking for women of loose morals…Are you the one? Like Pastor Evan said,”If you keep getting a dog maybe you’re coming across as a flee.” Ouch…not his exact words but the same sense…Sweet heart you are better than that it’s time you Upgraded yourself.

Instead of being a blessing to this man we are further exposing him to his weakness. At times I feel the church is becoming too civilised for the Lord. People no longer face up to this issue as it is generally acceptable in the world now. What difference are we with the world then. You think you’re different just because you fo into that building once a week, give an offering,”praise” the Lord and live worldly the rest of the days? Do you not remember that we are in this world and not of this world? It’s time you and I made a decision. A decision to make a difference in our sphere of influence, a decision to be truly in this world but not of it.

As for the gentlemen, many of you have come to church to find the right bride. Well I’ll have you that you are in the right place. be cautious however, some of these ladies are are wolves in sheep skin. Some have come from a world of hurt, maybe you ran away from the same. Seek Christ first and all other thing will be added unto you. And remember “Do not let your erection determine your direction.” Let God be the one to order your foot steps not your own canal desires.

Thank you for taking your time to read this. I trust you have been provoked to be better in some area of your life. The Lord wants to see a better church and it is up to you and I to make it happen. Don’t wait on some one else to do it, be that change that you want to see…like Ghandi said.

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May the good Lord continue to keep you and increase you as you follow him

Street Preacher