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Tell the church I’m fed up


Tell the church i’m fed up

Even though I always ask people how they are doing. It has become a just a polite gesture, this is because I get the same response everytime regardless of who I ask. “I’m fine thanks.” “I’m great thank you.” The question is “Are you really fine? Are you really great?” At times you are but at times you are, yet you answer without even taking a second to think about.
This is the plight that has struck the body of Christ, the church. This is where i derive my title. “Tell the church i’m fed up.”

I am fed up with people lieing in my face and telling me all is well when it is not. See the church is not a building. You are the church…a church is a group of people worshipping together. The word of God says,19 “Again, truly I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven. 20 For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.”

Well even if they wanted to share who will they tell anyway?The Pastor? That is the best option, yet in large ministries it is not everyday that you are able to make contact with the pastor. This is why they come and share with me and you. They pour their heart and even tears out as long as we listen. All they want is an ear, someone who they can offload to.

Matthew 11:28 says,”Come unto me, all ye that labour and heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”

You make reference to the scripture, maybe even say a prayer wiht them. However when they leave you in confidence, that nudge begins to eat at your mind. You promised to stand with this person in prayer yet instead of prayer you become a pLIAR warrior. This is happening in our churches everyday. You get a call “May you pray for sister or brother so and so.” It ends there. They want you to fish for it ,”Oh what is that I should pray about?” Once you’ve said that you’ll sit for hours and hear about how they went to seek assistance and prayer for their issue. Sooner than later what was said in confidence has become church news. We stare and wisper as they pass by. Brethren people are leaving churches because of this issue. Yet we sit and watch. Is it not better to follow through and help the confidant than to watch the church dwindle because of that one issue. Even if this is common in your congregation and a lot of people will be affected by addressing of this issue. It is not always the multitudes that are right,Exodus 23:2. Was it not the multitudes that chose to kill Jesus and save a murderer. At times you’ll need to stand alone. I believe a lot of things don’t change because we’ve become too comfortable in our “fish tanks” and neglected the ocean. It took just one man Mahatma Ghandi to say NO to oppression and take a stand against it irregardless of the consequences, as a result India became independent. Here are two of Ghandi’s quotes:

“I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”


“If Christians would really live according to the teachings of Christ, as found in the Bible, all of India would be Christian today.”


This man was not a Christian yet he looked and saw something in Christ that he did not see in Christians. He probably didn’t meet you but he met someone who called themselves a Christian. The time has come for us to not only say we are followers of Christ by our words but by our actions. Imagine the impact that it would have on the world if the whole of India was Christian. It would mean more Christian doctors in our health sector, more Christian bankers and what is one of the fastest growing economies in the world would be Christian. A population as large as India would be saved. What price are you willing to pay for all those souls?

Most people I know will not sit and listen to someone insult their family. Yet we sit daily and watch the world insult Christ our Lord and ourselves as his followers. It’s time we took a stand.



If you look closely and speak honestly you’ll agree with me when I say that some of us have turned the church into a private members’ society. I was once on the outside, lost without a place to fit in. I went to several congregations looking for that one church that would become home. Generally  the only greetings I received were from the ushers and welcome team, which is out of their duty. I’d sit alone and at the end of the service find myself standing on my own. Then on one Sunday I entered a church, the usual routine the welcome team came and greeted me as I got inside a gentleman walked up to me and embraced me. I was shocked at this, what made it worse was when the same gentleman took to the pulpit and introduced himself as the pastor. I still attend that same church today. That very same day I rededicated my life to Christ. After service I found myself surrounded with company, the pastor came, and asked someone to introduce me to the congregation. He invited me to serve in the church. 


After becoming well acquainted with everyone I found myself one day standing on the inside and staring at someone who was alone, standing with no one to talk to. I walked up to him and did the same thing that was done for me. That gentleman is still in church today, serving the Lord and ministering even at work. He told me that it was because of my welcome that he had come back again. Now ask yourself as I have asked myself, “How many people have come to church once and never come back again all because you did not play your part.?” All because after service we get into small groups of friends, and fellowship leaving out the others. I challenge you today…Be the reason for someone to come again. Not all of us will see Christ in this lifetime, you and I might be the only form of Christ that person will see physically. As much as people may admire what they see in you, do you make it easy for them to reach you? Do you let them know that what you have is attainable or do you ride on your high horse and look down upon everyone else?



It is astounding just how much talent is abound in the church yet the charts are topped by music that is utter rubbish. Forgive me for saying that but it’s in all honesty. I believe the reason why we are not rising as Christian artists is because we are divided. This is the same even for businesses. It starts with a small thing such as liking as artist’s page on Facebook. I believe some artists will not like another artist’s page simply because they fear might have more likes than they do. The world is hungry, waiting on artists that have the message of a resurrected king to deliver. Yet they do not get it because the world is focused on the top of the charts, and no matter how good an artist is he is low on the chart simply because his own don’t support him. It’s one thing to like your friend’s page yet it is another to appreciate an artist that is ministering to the people who just needs his platform raised. in some cases it bothers me that the world is more united than the body of Christ. Visit any secular artist’s page, they’re supporting eachother and pulling eachother up. For this reason I believe they stay on the top. Take for example family businesses, when they rise they pull their own up with them. Yet for some of we rise and pull the rope up with us such that no one else can rise.



I dare you to support a vision. Be part of someone else’s mission. You’ll be amazed just how much you learn just by playing a supporting role. You take back invaluable skills when you pursue your own vision. It doesn’t take much to, maybe just saying a prayer for them, sending them a message of encouragement and reassuring them that you appreciate what they are doing, sharing their music in your sphere of influence. God will command a blessing. After all how can people who have the same focus be so far apart.


The Church is a Workshop


I believe it is important to understand that the house of God is a workshop. The broken-hearted come to be mended, the sick come to be healed. We all have an area which we need God to mend us. Yet it buffles me just how we spend time discussing other people’s ailments. Maybe they seem worse of than you are…so what? The fact that they came to the workshop means that they are willing to be mended. A lot of patients have left the hospital without being discharged, simply because they got tired of being ill-treated by the nurses. You’re a nurse in God’s workshop. Lend a hand, hold a hand, say a prayer with someone. At times all it takes is just a smile. Are going to go to a hospital and judge a patient for their disease? I’d think not. It’s a hospital, they are there because they are not well and by going there you expect to see people who are not well. The same goes for the church, it’s a workshop. People come to be mended. They remain inside for the love of their healer and to aid others who come. Instead of judging we should be glad that they came in for repair. You were once filthy, yet God cleaned you up. Why then do we look at others who come in the state state with an eye of contempt. As if they don’t belong there. I believe even when we go out to invite people to church we literally select those who are in a good position. Yet Jesus came for the lost…who are we to choose who to bring to him?

Isaiah 64:6- Read this passage before you judge anyone. And remember, “Many patients will leave a hospital and die because they have been ill-treated by a nurse.” Be a good nurse.


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