Heaven and Hell are insignificant

 Why are heaven and hell insignificant?

heaven and hell

What if I were to tell you that heaven and hell are insignificant? That regardless of your faith or beliefs there are things greater than these entities, if I may call them that. For generations upon generation, Christianity and other religions have used these two places as a way to twist arms into following what they follow. I think it was Andrew Wommack who said that, “The church has used fear as a way to coerce non-believers into followers.” that is definitely not word-f0r-w0rd but something to that significance, which I agree with. Many have come to following Christ because of fear that has been instilled in them by followers of Christ. Jesus himself made very little mention to heaven and hell.

Let us put this in context. Jesus being the light of the world:

John 8:12

12 When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”

He came to bring that light into this dark world. His method was not to bring fear of that darkness, his method was to show the beauty of that light such that those in the darkness would desire it. This is the same way that the church is supposed to function, instead we push a heaven and hell agenda. Jesus pushed a love agenda, which is the same agenda that he left us to push. You cannot bring reconciliation between the Lord and his children if it is driven by fear. One’s desire to go to heaven should not be driven by a fear of hell, rather by a love of the light (that is Jesus), and a desire to be in union with him! Jesus loved people, into the kingdom, he did not threaten them into it. The woman at the well experienced that love, and not a heaven and hell agenda. The woman who was caught in adultery experienced that love, and not the threats that we as a church would have used. Nowadays posters are common with these threats plastered on them, but would you honestly be drawn to a light when threatened?

Cjay Jensen summed this up perfectly, he said, “Rebuke without relationship, results in rebellion.” For this reason I believe Jesus created relationships with individuals, he did not let his judgement lead the way. He did not walk up to Zaccheus, and tell him that hell awaited him if he did not repent. Instead he let love lead, he ate in this man’s house! He built that relationship, and his light drew the man to repentance. Heaven and hell are insignificant in the greater scheme of things. Heaven should not be a place to go in a bid to escape hell, rather a place to go to fellowship with our loving God.