Die Empty by Dr Myles Munroe

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Die empty

Before I start I want to express my most sincere gratitude, to every one of you who has taken time to read my articles, and more so to those who have given feed back and shared the links with their friends and family. You all make this worth while. May the good Lord reward you for all you have done. And for those who just take a moment to pray for me, May God grant you twice as much as you have asked him to grant me. Amen.

We are all on earth for a limited time, God has a purpose for each and every one of us. Yet sad to say, many people never reach the heights that God has planned for them. Do you ever feel like giving up? I know I’ve had those moments. Do you ever sit and reflect on life and realise that time has flown by and you have missed some cues? I know I do. What you are about to read has put me back on course in my life I constantly refer to it. I have no doubt that this will impact your life if you pay attention to it and take action. This article is derived mainly from a teaching by Dr. Myles Munroe.

The wealthiest place in earth

I was amazed to find that in every place I go in this world…I find the wealthiest place on earth. As a matter of fact every time I see it I’m reminded “that is it”. See the wealthiest place is not too far from where your house. The wealthiest place on earth is not the oil fields of Iraq, Iran Saudi Arabia or Kuwait. It’s not the diamond mines of Botswana, South Africa, Zimbabwe or the Democratic Republic of Congo. The wealthiest place on earth is the CEMETERY, the grave yard. You may wonder why is the graveyard so wealthy?

It’s because in the cemetery are books that were never written, painting that no wall will ever see, the graveyard is filled with music that no one has ever heard heard, the cemetery is filled with poetry that no one will ever read, ideas that will never be reality, the cemetery is filled with great man that died as alcoholics and drug addicts, it’s filled with powerful women that died as prostitutes, it is filled with dreams that will never come to pass, it is filled with businesses that will never open.

What a tragedy, every time I pass by, I always think. If I could mine this place like they do gold I’d be a rich man. For those of you who know me, I am passionate about the youth…the reason I took time to write this article is because every time I see the young I see a candidate to add to the wealth of the cemetery. I can’t imagine the cemetery would rob us of the magazine you want to publish, the music you want to produce or the books you want to write.

You Must die empty

I want to see the young die empty. You should go to go to the grave yard, young man, young woman finished. Desire to die like Jesus. Go to the grave yard as nothing but an empty carcass. You should not die old but finished. I want you to die like the apostle Paul, Paul says,”I have finished my course.” Then he says,” I have been poured out like a drink offering, every drop of me is finished. Therefore I am ready to die.” You should not die until there is nothing left for you to do. Die empty. That’s why God is interested in your life. It’s not you that he wants to save, it’s what you are carrying.

Wealth in the graveyard

What do you call the wealth in the graveyard? It is called P-O-T-E-N-T-I-A-L…potential. That’s what the graveyard is full off. What potential is, is untapped power, dormant ability, potential is hidden strength, unused success, concealed power. Potential is who you are but nobody knows it yet. It is what you can do but haven’t done yet, how far you can go but haven’t gone yet. As a matter of fact God himself uses that word to describe himself.

Potential is never what you have done, but what you could do but haven’t done yet. See the moment you do something it ceases to be your potential. That’s why you should never be too proud of what you have done, you should never brag on what you have done. It’s no longer your potential it’s over. That is why God is bored with your past accomplishments, God is not impressed with your last A in class, it’s over it’s done. The A’s that are left inside are what God is focused on. What you haven’t done is what he is concerned with.


Omni means all…
Potent means power, ability, strength
Omnipotent means ALL POTENTIAL
It is the only word that we can ascribe to God. That means every thing God has done, 500 million galaxies, almost a trillion suns they counted so far, multi millions of milky ways out there. Do you know that all that came out of God. The bible says,”Before anything was God is. And everything that is was in God.”

So therefore before anything was there was nothing but God. There God was pregnant with everything before anything was. In other words there was a time when there was nothing but God. All things were made by him. That means before he made anything everything was in him. Which means if you met God before anything was, standing in the middle of no where and you walked up to him and shook his hand you would have been shaking hands with everything.

Never look down upon anyone around you, you never know what you are ignoring, or what you are insulting. If you met God at that time you wouldn’t have known because everything was inside him. That’s why he had to speak it out. Be careful what you are speaking out! That means God was full of potential and released some of it, and we call it the universe. Yet he still calls himself OMNIPOTENT, which means he is saying “You ain’t seen nothing yet!” He is awesome!!!


Potential is the foundation of God’s nature. God himself is potential. He’s the secret to remember. “Every thing God created he created with the same principle as himself.” The potential principle in found in verse 11 of the first book of the bible. God placed the seed of everything in itself. God created everything like a seed and he put the seed of everything in itself. Sounds complicated I know. Let me break it down as best I can.Whatever something was created to become God put it inside of the thing. That’s why God doesn’t create anything anymore, God doesn’t create people anymore, he doesn’t create animals anymore. They keep coming out of themselves.

Preserving the Seed

God is telling us that the seed is the key to everything. Imagine this I have an apple seed in my hand. I come to you and ask you what you see. Obviously you will tell me you see an apple seed. That is a FACT but not the TRUTH. If you get this difference it will change your life. A fact is a description of the present state of a thing. That’s a fact.

So when I ask you what you see and you tell me it’s an apple seed, that’s a fact because you are simply describing the present state of a thing. Well that is not the truth, see the truth is in my hand I’m holding an apple tree, but that’s not the complete truth because in my hand i have an apple tree and the apple tree has apple, with seeds. That’s still not the complete truth because those seed are tree with apples and more seeds so in my hand I’m holding a forest. See the question was what do I have in my hand and not what you see…what you see is a seed, but what is there is actually a forest.

So in every seed God hid a forest, in every cow God hid a head, in every fish he hid a school, in every bird he his a flock, in every little boy God hid an awesome man, in every little girl God hid a powerful woman, in every failure God hid a success. That’s why God never throws seeds away. This is why satan is in the business of seed killing. He knows that if he lets the seed take root and grow into a big tree it will be difficult of destroy. It is easier to destroy a seed than to chop down a tree. If you kill a seed, you didn’t just kill a seed you destroyed a forest. The devil doesn’t want to see forests, he tries to destroy it whilst it’s still in seed form.

Why Satan Goes after the young

That’s why he goes after teenagers, babies and the youth. That is why God doesn’t look at what people see. God knows the truth and people look at the facts. Only God could look at a murderer Moses and see the first 5 books of  the bible. The fact say that he is a killer, a murderer, but God looks down and see Genesis, Deuteronomy,Numbers, Leviticus, Exodus…he saw the first 5 books of the bible in a murderer. That’s why God never threw Moses away. Only God could look at a prostitute, Rahab, selling her body. The fact was she was a prostitute, but God saw in her the lineage of the Messiah. Only God could look at a smelly shepherd boy. It’s a fact that he is a smelly shepherd boy. Well God saw in him a king David.

See when Samuel went to Jessie’s house to anoint a king. Jessie called out his sons, the talented ones…only when the prophet didn’t anoint the ones that he brought and insisted that the king was from his house did Jessi send for the smelly shepherd boy. Only when he came in bare-footed, freckle-faced did the prophet take out his oil and say,”Here comes the king!” See your parents, your family and friends see the facts. They do not know who you are. Who you are is not what is visible, it is the seed that God placed in you. You are the one they say will never amount to anything, the one they compare to you siblings, the one they look down upon. Well God sent me to tell you that YOU are the king that he has been waiting for.

Seed of everything in itself

One man once told me,”You become what you behold.”God placed a seed of everything in itself, so you should learn to look within you. God hides the future inside. Your future therefore is not ahead of you, so stop telling people that you are going to your future. The future of everything that God created is inside of it. You don’t go to your future, you release your future day by day by day.

Unused Seed

If I took an apple seed and put it on a window seal, what will happen? Nothing. Will it still have a forest inside of it? Yes it would still carry a forest. It will not bear any fruit until it is put in the right environment. So I take the apple seed and put in in a glass of alcohol. The alcohol acids begins to eat at the core of the seed and the germination core is eaten by the acid. I have not just destroyed a seed but a whole forest.

If we took the apple seed and put it in a glass full of bacteria, it is surrounded by bad company. Bad company corrupts. God sent me to tell you young men, some of your friends are bacteria. They are after your forest. A seed will only do well in a good environment. There were seeds that were found in a tomb in Egypt after being there for about 4000 years.They were taken and planted in Israel, they produced the biggest corn ever seen in that region. After all those years it was still carrying its corn, all it was waiting for was a good environment.

Your future is determined by your environment. Suppose Mary had an abortion? Abortion is not the termination of a child, you don’t kill babies. That’s destroying destinies. You need to surround yourself with fertilisers. Realise that you are pregnant with destiny. The proof of your future is that dream you can’t get rid of. You’ve got to be careful even with some of your parents because they will destroy your destiny by making you go after a career. Some times your own parents can talk you out of your own dreams, the ones God gave you. When young Joseph spoke of his dream he met adversaries, but his father told him “Son I don’t know what you’re talking about. But if you saw it believe it.”

Proof of your destiny

That dream that you can’t get off your mind. The one that you want to talk about but wont because they wont believe you. That’s proof of your destiny. You call it imagination, I call it Revelation. The devil knows that if you ever become what you are called to be he will not be able to touch you. Jesus at age 12 told his parents,”Did you not know. I must be about my father’s business?” It is possible that your parents don’t know who they have in the house. They don’t know what you’re carrying. 12years old he was about his father’s business. Stop thinking that you’re too young to do something great for God. Stop it now!!!

No matter how old you are. No matter how much you have messed up…God sent me to give you a very serious warning Your forest is in danger. It is not about a good night’s fun at a party or messing around, it’s environmental danger. We were created after the image of Christ Jesus to do good work that was prepared before the foundations of the earth. Read Ephesians Chapter 3 verse 10. You came here loaded. That’s what the cemetery wants, it wants your forest. Satan is not too foolish he doesn’t know who you are but he knows you’re made to be great.

The Questions

1. Who am I?
2. What can I really do?
3. Why am I here?
4. Why do you give me breath?
5. Where am I going?

The moment you have an answer for these questions, your life will be a testimony. It doesn’t matter what people tell you or call you, they don’t know who you are because God is a God of potential.

I thank you for taking your time to read this article. I believe it has ministered to you. Take a moment right at the bottom of this page join the site and you will never miss an article. Kindly share this article with everyone you care about. Go ahead and die empty.

Say this prayer with me
Dear heavenly father I thank you for your word that lives forever. Thank you for the seed that you sowed in me. We glorify your name for looking beyond the facts in my life. I commend my life in your hands take control over my seed and protect it. In Jesus’ name, I refuse to let this seed be contaminated. We will follow you father.
In Jesus’s name. Amen.

God Bless