What Christian Hip Hop artists and fans can learn from Jahaziel leaving

jahaziel leaves Christianity

What Christian Hip Hop artists and fans can learn from Jahaziel

Jahaziel leaves Christianity

British rapper Jahaziel has caused an uproar with his recent posts on social media about his departure from Christianity and obviously Christian Hip Hop as well. The comment sections on various posts have been going mental. The good part is most people are lovingly telling him that they will pray with him. Scriptures are being thrown around from one person to another. Factions have been formed, with some in support of his decision, and others against it. If we learn nothing from this, then it will be a tragedy.

jahaziel leaves Christianity

For those who are not familiar with the brother, Jahaziel is one of the few Christian Hip Hop artists who have managed to break through into the American market, and feature on recognised sites such as Rapzilla. He is the recipient of various awards and nominations in the UK for his music. His first studio album, Help me God was released in 2007. His last one was released last year. What has changed since the release of that album only the man himself can say.

  1. Keep your eyes up

Most people have a problem with following people to the extent that they lose sight of the God who these artists are speaking about. Once these artists change direction or allegiance, it leave a lot of people confused, questioning all they believe. The key is to keep your eyes up, look to God alone. No matter who stumbles along the way, you will not be swayed.

  1. Giving platforms

Most people do not realise that Christian Hip Hop is a form of pulpit. It is a casual platform by any means. As a result, we need to be careful who we give the larger platforms to. Young Christians should first be disciple in their faith before they are released to take this to the world. That is where substance and longevity will come from.

  1. Support structure

Life will throw curve balls at all of us here and there. Let us be vigilant to build support structures to love one another and pull each other up when we stumble. I don’t know Jahaziel personally so I cannot say what sort of support structure he would have received in the body of Christ. From reading his posts on social media, I have no doubt that this is not a decision that he made in a moment. He took time to consider this. These situations usually arise when we are going through tough periods in life. When we wonder where God is. Where were we when Jahaziel was going through this? We should have been our brother’s keeper.

  1. Love

Now that he has made this decision, how do we respond. Some have responded by posting condemning comments on his posts, which is not the way Christ himself would have responded. The bible says we shall be known by the love that we have for one another, where is that love? Let’s love Jahaziel in this time. Whether he comes back to Christianity or not, love him! Our love should not come with conditions.

We are all to pray for our brother, to ask the Lord that he would continue to draw his heart to him. I would personally take up the opportunity to meet the man and just chat. I want to understand what he has been through. We may no longer share our faith, but it doesn’t make me or anyone else a better person that Jahaziel is. Jahaziel, I love you brother. Will be praying for you as you continue on this journey of life, I hope we meet.

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