The Currency of Faith

The author of Hebrews describes Faith as “the substance of things hoped for(being sure of what we hope for),the evidence of things not seen(being certain of what we do not see):Hebrews 11:1.The fact that it is described as a substances makes me believe that one’s Faith should be tangible.So tangible such that it becomes EVIDENCE of the invisible.Your Faith should be more tangible than your situation.
Basically faith can get you what you don’t have.Hebrews 11:3 tells us that God formed this world with his command so that what is seen was not made out of what is visible.From this I derived my title “the currency of Faith.”
   By definition CURRENCY is the state of being in use;the money current in a country.Unlike the currencies that we use in this world such as the US dollar,Sterling Pound and so on,this currency of Faith has no boundaries.As you know well that there are places that do not accept the US dollar as a tender.However with faith there are no boundaries…it works in every country…and it is not bound by time.
For instance in the story of the centurion…the word of God says his servant was healed that very moment regardless of the fact that he was miles away.Your Faith will only go as far as you believe it can.Matthew 8:5-13.
  Just like our monetary currencies,the more you have the more you can “buy.” The bible says if you have Faith as small as a mustard seed you can say to this mountain move and it will move.Have you ever seen how tiny a mustard seed is?…and have you considered its proportion to a mountain?There are places where monetary currency can not work.See,your money can get you on a boat but,it can not calm the raging storm when it is about to wreck your boat.This is where the currency of FAITH comes in.Your faith can work for you in what so ever you dare to put it to use in…For Jabez it got him DOMINION,it Enlarged his territory,for Abraham it got him an eternal blessing which we ourselves are partakers of today,For blind Batthemeus it restored his sight,for Daniel it shut the mouths of Lions and the list goes on.
 Man spend a lifetime working so hard to get the monetary currency which will only last for a season.Yet freely the CURRENCY of FAITH is given that can “buy” you eternity.Pardon me for using the term buy in this context.The bible says in Hebrews 11,that without Faith it is impossible to please God.You see prayer pleases God,Fasting pleases God,tithing pleases God but FAITH moves God…Your faith is the only thing that sparks God into action.As much as you might pray and bind your enemy,it is your FAITH that can give you a change in an instance.What has taken others 10years to do,by FAITH you can do in one.What everyone has deemed to be impossible by FAITH you can do.
Faith basically is a sign of submission to God in heaven.Putting a situation into his hands,letting go of it and letting God deal with it.I can bank everything I have on this,you will never go wrong.Funny thing about Faith is that the little ones are richer in this substance than elders.Take a moment ask a child,let’s say about 3 years old what he/she intends to do in the future.Trust me they can go on and on for as long as you care to listen.Yet if you ask an adult the same question, a minute might be too much for them to explain.In ten seconds they’d have finished.
 Their experiences,failures,insecurities and education or lack of it has come and defined for them what is and is not possible.I personally define Faith as “the lack of reasoning”…just not thinking and blindly throwing everything into the hands of the creator.Faith is the moment you realise that God is bigger than money,bigger than government and anything else you might think of.Imagine what you could accomplish with the faith of a child.When you believe you are the fastest,you are the strongest,you can not fail…when physics,economics or biology cease to be a factor.
Frankly our God is not bound by any laws…I mean laws of science say man can not float on water while standing upright,yet our Saviour Lord Jesus Christ walked on it.I have heard silly arguments say that it was cold the water was frozen,a preacher responded to this by saying ,”if that was the case,the boat that was sailing on ice was the miracle then.”I dare you employ your faith today…
Thank you for the time that you have taken to read this article, I trust you were able to absorb something from it.To comment,as question or just contact me search of facebook for “Street Preacher Music” and post on the wall you will find other interesting things there or by email out for our next article titled “Faith comes by hearing”…May the good Lord shine on your path wherever you may go!!Amen