Monthly Fasting: July

Prayer points for thanksgiving
Prayer Relay Movement

Prayer Relay monthly fasting: 21st July 2013

By the grace of God we have seen another day. As we start this day of monthly fasting, may the grace of the Lord continue to sustain us. As I sought the Lord for direction for this day He said it would be a day of release. Whatever the enemy has bound in you or around you, by the declaration of your mouth I declare it will be released. The word of God declares that it is only the anointing that can release the yoke of bondage. May his anointing be released today. Firstly we ask for forgiveness for we know we are not perfect and we continue sin against you Lord, we would like to ask for clarity. Grant us the wisdom, knowledge and power of understanding your word not on a physical but spiritual level too. We pray against those generational curses our fore fathers acquired, that through the blood of Jesus Christ our Lord and saviour we are cleansed, we pray against soul ties that limit us to reach our full potential so we ask you Lord to open all the locked doors in our lives just like you opened the Iron Gate for Peter.  

We’ll make two declaration from His holy word and pray over them. I urge you to pray and declare with authority, for this is war. 1.       Lord I declare by your word that every door that is shut in my life, in my dreams in any part of my life is open right now in the name of Jesus. Whatever holds the enemy has put on my destiny I speak a release in the name of Jesus Christ. May all chained be loosed off of me as they were loosed off of Peter.  Acts 12:5-12

2.       As the doors have opened Father, I ask that you will guide me to walk through them. Lord may you lead me through the gate, for your word says you alone know the plans you have for me. May you guide me to walk in your will.
 Finally may this be your testimony: 11 Then Peter came to himself and said, “Now I know without a doubt that the Lord has sent his angel and rescued me from Herod’s clutches and from everything the Jewish people were hoping would happen.”The expectations of the wicked will not prosper over your life!! God Bless you