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Croft Christian Rapper
Most of what you’ll hear of any artist is hearsay and personal opinions. If a man is really only worth as much as his word, then musicians are worth a wholesome. Not all musicians though, I mean those who speak truth and positivity; those who bring a message of hope and inspiration. One such man is Croft. To kick of what will become a weekly and fortnightly interview series we interview the founder of the upcoming media powerhouse Guardian Media, known to most for their music production as Guardian Records. I have been privileged to have worked with this singer/rapper/songwriter/producer. I have been privileged to share a stage with him. In this unprecedented interview I ask him what I know the world has would like to know, what interviewers have been afraid to ask.
Me: Croft? Where did that name come from?

Croft: The name Croft started off as a pet name i gave myself as a kid.  I was so into  the Tomb Raider games and wanted to be like Lara Croft, fearless , adventurous and cool, so i named myself ” Taf Croft” later on shortened to just Croft.  The name just got stuck to me till today.

Me: I first heard of Croft on ya debut project “Kiss on an angel”, obviously there was some form of Godliness in the message of some of the songs such as J.I.K. (Jesus Is King) What I wanna know is what was the turning point for you. What moved you to a defined genre?

Croft:Most of us live our lives in denial of who we were made to be, we actually know what God wants with our lives but tend to live the opposite of it so as to please peers and to satisfy our selfish desires, I was part of that circle of people.  To change from Circular to a Christian genre for me was a move of the spirit; it was a very challenging process that took some time.  i knew Christian rap existed but all i wanted was something “fashionable” so to say, but God came through.  I had to lose a lot of friends  for me to open up to who i was meant to be, God then graced me with new friends that helped and supported me in my process of change, they were very few but they were and are still worth more than a thousand people . 

Me: Of all the Christian Rappers which ones would you say have been the most influential to you?

Croft:Lecrae is one brother who really encouraged me to walk on strong through his music. We have never had a personal relationship but his music was more like Him being there during my turning point period.  The more i listened to him i then discovered the existence of Trip Lee, to date he will be the most influential rapper to me.  I really appreciate the way Trip Lee delivers Gospel Truth in his music, even through his sermons. He proved to me that age don’t mean a thing when it comes to the work of God, as long as your heart is in it for the right reason it will all add up to a work that’s fruitful. 

Me: I have been asked this question myself. So I’ll pose it to you as well. At what moment in your music career will you say “I’ve made it?”

Croft: wow, making it!!! That’s a very tough one hey; we all got standards of what making it will be.  my making it will be when people are healed, demons are cast out and  lives are genuinely given to Christ as i perform or as people listen to my music… then would i say I’ve made it according to my terms!!!! But then all that will be God working through me and not my own doing!!!! God working through Croft would be my absolute “I made it”

Me: I know you have worked with several artists across many genres. If any which artists have you enjoyed working with the most?

Croft:true, I’ve worked with a lot of artists across many genres, all of them were quite interesting to work with but my boy Rymy Ray has been the craziest of them all i should say.  He is one creative brother; he brings out a track concept that’s so “out of this world”.  nothing is a great as working with a determined and focused individual who knows what he wants, Rymy is one of those guys, he won’t stop at anything trust me… then comes Street Preacher, he gives me a tough time in studio, he really makes me work hard, i mean hard, but the time we work on a project is always fun… and tiresome.


Me: Upon listening to your last project “Lost in You” I have undoubtedly seen just how much you have grown as an artist and producer. Firstly what do you attribute that growth to? And how long did it take to finish the project?

Croft:“Lost in You” was birthed during a rough season in my life.  I was going through stuff as an individual and as a family too. Sometimes for you to Grow you have to go through pain.  Reading the word and Listening to positive music helped me grow, but the word was key to my growth.  The whole project took me about 3 months to complete, the most challenging part being the process of making the beats and choosing the right one to use for a song.  The writing process came easily to me, i wrote most of those songs around 3am, i would wake up for prayer and during then most songs would come to me. It was an amazing experience, believe me.


Me: One hindrance of being a producer and artist at the same time is the fact that one often loses objectivity, how to you rise from that?

Croft:it’s not been easy balancing the two, not at all… is discipline the key, without that i would have forsaken one part of me, and that would be the artist… I produce for a lot of people so basically i am too busy working on other people’s projects and not my own, so i created a plan of working on other people’s projects during the day and then focus on my own at night. It’s tough though, but I’m keeping up


Me: What would you say are the differences between the Guardian Records that released Kiss of an Angel and the present day one?

Croft: The major difference is that now God has become a central part of Guardian Records as compared to the past.  I have come to realize how vital God is in anything that we do in life. The team has changed too, with the introduction of Caleb, a fellow brother and friend into the label. The old Guardian Records was mainly a solo mission that i handled on my own, but now I have a great family that helps in the running of the studio and label…# team work# 


Me: In your very own words, what is Guardian Records?

Croft: Guardian Records is a family of artists that aims at Glorifying God through the gifts and talents He placed within Us, be it producing, rapping, writing,  singing, graphic designing and speech.  We are individuals who really want to see a positive change in the lives of people including ourselves, as they say “teaching is learning twice”; we go out there to teach what we have learnt from our experiences with God and humanity.  Our main focus is more on the music, spreading the good news and hope through it.


Me: What were your goals this year for you as an artist and for Guardian Records as a whole?

Croft: As an Artist I had a target to release my second solo Christian album this year but due to some circumstances it had to be, moved to next year 2013…Growth as a producer was a goal and i believe for a year i have achieved that, my production has changed drastically, it took a lot of hard work but i made progress, had to jump out of my comfort zones here and there.  As a Record label we aimed at reaching out to a wider audience and we achieved that through the Blog and help by many radio stations out there, God knows how connect people trust me, Shout out to 1Africa, Kifalme, Retunes  and many media houses for the help and their support …


Me: If you were to change one thing about G.R what would it be?

Croft:I would have loved it if all of the Guardian family would be located in one place, it’s really hard working far apart… i believe working in one central point would be quite effective, i know it will come to pass soon.


Me: What is the mission of your label in such a diverse music industry and an every growing culture of Hip Hop?

Croft: The industry is growing at a very rapid rate and it’s bringing different influences to the audience. Our main mission is to keep people focused on who God is over our lives. We want to help people understand the value of an upright life that is centered on God, and to those that are lost all we do is point the way to Jesus Christ the way to eternal peace and joy. we try to keep up with the sound but the message we deliver stays constant for God is been the same yesterday, today and tomorrow, He is the one we talk about so our message is bound to keep constant.

Me: Looking back at the beginning what do you think you could have done differently?

Croft:Okay, there are a lot of things i would wish i had done differently. A lot of mistakes and bad decisions that i made but when i look at them now, they have helped me become who i am today so changing them would probably create a different me, and who know what that could have been… I cant change the past but the past has an influence on my building of the future, what i messed up back then creates a “red light of action “in my present and future.  What I’m focused on now is to make my today and tomorrow count, living everyday as my last!!!!

Me: If sure all the virtuous women out there would like to know, is there is Mrs. Croft out there?

Croft: hahaha, caught me off guard on that one, didn’t see that coming!!! Currently I’m as single as the number 1, but hopefully she will be coming soon and ya’ll gonn know about that!!!

Me: Which 5 artists and 5 producers do you dream to work with?

Croft: I would love to work  with a lot of people but since you insisted on five here they are…Trip Lee, Mouth Pi3ce, Ill Ceey, Suzy Rock and Butta P from Rhema Soul  ….. On the production side i would love to work with Alex Medina, Jae Mac, Joseph Prielozny, Courtland Urbano of Humble beast and Big Juice….

Me: What would you say has been your biggest challenge to date?

Croft:My biggest challenge to date is that I’m kind of a perfectionist and this has caused problems for me when it comes to life.  The fact that I’m human and i fall here and there really gets to me. I fail to deal with it at times so yah, being a perfectionist is my major challenge to date…


Me: What can the world look forward to from you in the next year?

Croft: oooo, the next year is definitely gonn be crazy!!! i know…. my second solo Christian Album will be coming out some time next year and by the grace of God it will be a blessing to many, that i know 😉 … and those who were expecting a video from me>>> brace yourselves…. God is making a way, doors are opening for the label that we never expected, but that’s the advantage of serving a God like mine!!!!!


Me: Thank you for your time Croft, God speed in all.

Croft: blessings!!!

You can catch up with Croft on Twitter: @croftgr or Facebook Tafadzwa Croft Furusa