Prayer Points for Isis

Prayer points for thanksgiving

September 2014 (ISIS Prayer Points)

Prayer points for thanksgiving

It is all over the news, the media coverage has been extensive, and terror is at our door steps. America is reportedly in danger from ISIS which is believed to have set up base just across the border from El Paso, Texas. However this is just a small part of the bigger picture. Many lives have already been taken. I have personally seen an image of a little girl no older than 5, who was beheaded for her Christian faith. It is a great honour to die for the Lord, but no one deserves to be robbed of a chance to live, regardless of what god they believe or do not believe in. The Lord has asked that we pray for this situation, throughout this month and the next.

Anger will naturally brew in each one of us for the threats that this poses on our fellow human beings and on us as individuals as well. If this is not curbed right away, it will continue to grow, and sooner than we know it will be the world order. Our mission is to make sure heaven intervenes, to cry out to the Lord to intervene. No matter how big an issue seems to him it is only a word away from fixing. Get someone else to join you as we pray. As always we will fast on the 21st as we continue to ask the Lord to remove this cancer that has grown.

We usually have 24 prayer points for each hour, this time we only have 14, this is all the Lord has given.

  1. Salvation

We have a ministry of reconciliation, to bring the lost to the father, even those who do not know that he is their father. War will not bring them to him, neither will their deaths. Love is the answer. Let us pray for the Lord to save them. Pray that he would show them his love even while they murder his people, just as he did with Saul. 2 Corinthians 5:11-21


  1. Mercy

We pray for mercy in the hearts of those who are being persecuted. Pray that they may forgive these people. Whatever is bound on earth, he binds to in heaven. Let us usher these men into freedom from their ignorance, stubbornness and sin. Acts 26:18


  1. Comfort

We ask that the Holy Spirit would dwell in the hearts and homes of all who have been affected by these senseless acts. Comforter and counsellor, who was given to us by Christ. Touch these hurt and wounded hearts. John 14:16


  1. Strength and Endurance

We pray for strength and endurance for those who have been affected and those who will be deployed to help. May they trust in the Lord and have their strength renewed. Isaiah 40:31

  1. Intervention

Lord we plead for your intervention in this situation. Protect these lives that are being threatened. Joel 2:32


  1. Capture, Finding

Father we pray that these men who are behind these acts be not only captured physically, but that you would also capture their hearts and save them as well.


  1. Families

We pray for the families that have lost their loved ones as a result of this. Lord guard their hearts uproot and seed of bitterness and hatred that may grow as a result of this. May that find your love within them.


  1. Soldiers

We pray for local soldiers that are fighting to protect these people. Give them wisdom and strength to conquer. We pray for a covering over their lives. May their find you in this season.


  1. Greed

Lord we break the spirit of greed that may fuel the continuation of these killing for individual gain. Let no man benefit from this. May every fruit gained from this be sour.


  1. Church growth

Father, let these actions that they have meant for bad only work out for the good. We pray for growth, strength and expansion of the church to come out of this persecution. Great believers who will turn the world upside down for you will rise from this persecution in the mighty name of Jesus.


  1. Clothing and food supplies

Father, you are Jehovah Jireh, their provider, especially in this season when they see no other means but you. They will know no lack. The righteous will never be forsaken!


  1. Wisdom

Lord we pray for our world leaders, as they discuss potential solutions, we ask that you would speak to them though they may not listen and disregard you. From this they shall know that there is a God in heaven.


  1. Plots

In the mighty name of Jesus, we bind and paralyse every plot and scheme of ISIS. They will see no success in these actions.


Lord we ask all this in the mighty name of Jesus. We collectively declare that testimonies will continue to rise out of this. Lives will continue to be met at their point of need, and many more will know that you alone are God, and that you alone are faithful. In the mighty name of Jesus. Amen.

Thank you for taking your time to be part of this Movement. I assure you that God is doing mighty things and has even more amazing things planned for us. Let me take this moment to invite you to our Facebook page “The Prayer Relay Movement” We are now also on InstaPray @PrayerRelay. On twitter @PrayerRelayMvt Let us stay connected and support each other on this journey of life. In the next couple of month we will be launching our expansion plan. If you’d like to be a part of this, please don’t hesitate to be in touch.

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