S.O. I See You new single

S.O. I See You new single

S.O. I See You new single

Lamp Mode Records recording artist, S.O. has just released some heat for all of us to burn! I am a huge fan of S.O’s music and have been following him since his first mixtape, and the albums that have followed. I have always admired the versatility of his delivery as well as the authenticity. There is something about an artist who clearly leaves their heart on a track. The beauty of this is that when it comes to S.O, he seems to do this on every track. That being said, I am always very excited when I hear that he has released new material. This is the sort of mentality I went into this new track with.

S.O. I See You

From reading the title I sort of had the right impression as to what I would hear. It has such a refreshing sound. I cannot say I have heard a similar sort of beat used in Christian Rap. He draws from his Nigerian roots. There are some hints of “Afro Pop” in the instruments as well as in the approach that he took in his delivery. He uses some of the West African version of the English language which is often known as “Pigeon English.”

S.O. I See You A celebration of women

The Song is a love song, an appreciation of women. The hook has that Afro pop vibe going for it. This has such a chilled vibe about it. The sort of track that has you plotting the video in your mind while listening to it. If S.O. needs ideas for the video he only need ask hahaha. I doubt he would have problems in that area after creating this beautiful track.


Girl I don’t wanna be rude but I got my eyes on you
I could sit and play it cool
But that one me I no go do
I see you girl, Moti with them things you do
I see you girl, SO I wrote this song for you


S.O. I see You too!!