No Malice Documentary: The end of Malice

no malice documentary

No Malice Documentary

no malice documentary


If you have read some of our posts, you will know that we do not oversell anything or anyone. Malicious, as the rapper was formerly known as in his secular career as part of the group Clipse(with brother, Terrence) has a documentary. No Malice Documentary as it is often referred to in some circles, actually goes by the name “THE END OF MALICE.” This is actually testament of what has happened in this man’s life. Malice has ended! No Malice, born Gene Thornton is a master story teller. Clipse fans know this from his music, and lyrical prowess that was contained within the lyrics.

No Malice Documentary: Why I love it

There is just something about Malice’s voice that makes anything he says sounds so profound. This documentary is very profound. I loved the authenticity of what he says. He accepts his flaws over time, which if you remember his Clipse song “Freedom” you would remember quite clearly.

Clipse Freedom Lyrics: No Malice Verse

This is where the buck stop, here’s where I draw the line
I touch the hem, God’s work is so divine
I’ve seen the error of my ways over time
Never to return, Malicious has been refined
Like wine with time, I get better
Napa Valley Vintage my flow is fermented
Now drink of me, as if I bought the bar
Run to these words, as if there’s no tomorrow
Never mind my car, careful what you wish for
Behind that red curtain the devil and his pitch fork
Jealousy, I ask thee: “What is this for? ”
How was I to know I was happy being piss poor
No whore, that’s not love, we was f*****
I was in search of a chicken head; you was clucking
And I was lusting
We were both out of order
I shoulda known better as I’m reminded of my daughter
Am I my brothers keeper for himself every man
I have been your reaper, there’s blood on my hands
Except me as your keeper, there’s been a change of plans
Be careful of what you speak of, I’ve come to understand