20 Questions with Christian Rapper WordzMyth from Zimbabwe

rapper wordzmyth

Rapper WordzMyth

rapper wordzmyth

I have not known the rapper WordzMyth for very long. Having come across his music somewhere on the web, I was so impressed. So much so that we got in touch and began conversing about how we could push this art to another level. In every emerging industry, there are always artists such as rapper WordzMyth, artists who you find and wonder how it is even possible that you had not heard of them to date. His skills leave no second guessing. The lyrics, the delivery and everything else that makes for a good track are all in his locker. Chances are some who read this will still not have heard of WordzMyth, well, thank me later!

Don was the interviewer

Who is Wordzmyth

Many thanks to the rapper WordzMyth for affording us this opportunity.
Don: In No more than 33 words describe who rapper WordzMyth is?

WordzMyth: ..WordzMyth is a rap artist, teacher of the word of God and motivational speaker. Born Charles Kudzanai Kaemba and started doing rap music at 14 in 2004 while i was in high school and lives in Harare Zimbabwe.

Don: What came first for you as an artist, song writing or rapping?

WordzMyth: what came first for me was rapping.. the skill to do so. Song writing came later but I was more fascinated by how the story was told  not to discredit the story but the way in which the message was delivered.


Don: Who are 10 artists you would say have been the greatest influence on you through out the years.

WordzMyth: I wouldn’t really count and say 10 because to be honest, there are not that many. It’s a few artists, at least the ones i have been  exposed to. I would say it’s Kari Jobe, Common, Tasha Cobbs, Israel Houghton, J.Cole, Minister Mahendere, Brian Mcourtney, Solomon Lange, Hillsong, Lecrae.


Wordzmyth’s inspiration

Don: Name two of your favourite songs from each of those artists

WordzMyth: Forever and I am not alone, Blue Skies,For your glory and Fill me up, Can’t remember titles, J.Cole Lost Ones and Crooked Smile, Hallelujah and Kudzai Mwari, I’ll just say yes, Solomon Lange Yabo and God is good, I will exalt you and All about you, Lecrae- I need you and God is enough.


Don: At what point did you decide to pursue music. To become an artist in your own right.

WordzMyth: It was really in 2005 after id been rapping for almost a year then it hit me, i really wanted to have music as one of the things i pursue in life. The joy of communicating in a different way, peoples joy, peace, sorrows, etc.


Don: I remember my first recording session ever. In a makeshift studio which was someone’s living room with a crowd watching on as I made my first record. I must add it wasn’t pleasant. What was your first recording experience like?

WordzMyth: My first was more or less the same as most artists’. It was in a friend’s room. He had a computer a small mixer and a mic, not a phantom powered one but just a basic mic. He didn’t know much about recording and mixing all he knew was he could do it somehow and I encouraged because i also felt that i had to release what i was carrying.


Don: How does that first recording experience compare to you last one.

WordzMyth: The difference is major. Now its a much better and more professional setting though it hasn’t really hit the mark of a full soundproof booth it does a the job very well. The first recording was just us in a room and a mic which was more fun and experimental. These days it also gets tense in that you know what a good recording studio set up should be like but in some cases you cant afford so you make deal with whats there and also knowing that after it all you want a great quality and competitive production to give out.


Making the music

Don: What work do you put in as preparation prior to going into studio?

WordzMyth: Getting into the booth means readiness to bring out a masterpiece. Before i record i rehearse the song for  about 15 hours which means 3 hours a day for about 5 days. A lot of people may not do this but it is just me and i also sit down to meditate on the way i want it to come out maybe the day of the recording or a day before and this has never let me down because i have always managed to bring out a wonderful product.


Don: In my experience artists have different ways of working. Do you work with a present instrumental and write lyrics for that or is it the other way round, writing lyrics for an instrumental you are yet to find?

WordzMyth: Well i believe that when a producer makes an instrumental, there is something that he or she will be feeling or thinking off. I believe the instrumental already carries the story that inspired its making and so when i listen to a beat it tells me what to write on it though there are a couple of instances i have written a lyrics for a beat i was yet to find. It always works better when you get an instrumental that communicates to you how you should execute it.


Don: What experiences and traits shape the music that you make?

WordzMyth: what shapes the music i make i would say is for the largest part the word of God,  also my experiences and the experiences of others in my immediate community because you can not communicate what you do not understand.


Rapper Wordzmyth’s faith

Don: As a Christian artist, what would you say sets you apart from all other artists?

WordzMyth:  i would  gladly say it my desire to give what I carry not to compete, usually wen you compete with others you lose your authenticity because you jump onto trends and follow those at all costs because you want what they call staying relevant rather than origin and nature which sustain the art form of course as you go as an artist you may evolve by getting better but i will always keep my originality. The obligation of my music sets me apart from most.


Don: If you could go back to the moment you set out to record your first song and the moment you release your tape, what things would you change about yourself or the way you handles things back then?

WordzMyth: surprisingly i would not change a thing. I would keep it like that of course you as in the sense that what would i have wanted to be better but let me say to be better you have to start at a lower stage then learn the values as you grow and these lessons become the bases of your foundation in the career.


Don: On average how long does it take you to record a track in studio?

WordzMyth: on average it takes one hour or an hour thirty for me to record…. surprising right… well remember wen i mentioned that i rehearse the song for 15 hours before i record, by the time i get to 10 hours of rehearsal il have mastered the song and everything concerning how I’m supposed to record it so each time i get in to the studio i never really have issues with the producer, it always goes smoothly.


Don: So far, who is your favourite producer or artists to work with?

rapper wordzmyth

WordzMyth: So far my favourite producer is Ellz Marlonaire from the F.I.O. and Classic From G.Records and they are both from Harare Zimbabwe and these are guys i have worked with before but id lobe to know more that i can work with.


Don: Which 3 artists or producers in Zimbabwe do you wish to work with?

WordzMyth: Well in Zim id like to work with Yagi Dojo


Don: What about internationally?

WordzMyth: Internationally i would love work with Kari Jobe, and Hillsong . I bet you’re probably wondering why since they are not hip hop artists themselves but i have been moved by their gifts and the way that they sing. Also i would love to work with Bethel Worship and I pray that one day these wishes actually become a reality.


Don: The one thing I have learned over time is how important a creative director is to making sure you produce a great tape, is this something that you have in place?

WordzMyth: I’d say though i probably didn’t know about it. I was working as my own creative director to make sure that everything i gave out was a real piece of work so much that the producers I’ve worked with called me a perfectionist. Of course i would love to have a creative director come on board and help me out in making the best music possible.


Don: Out of all the songs that you have made, which one is your favourite one so far?

WordzMyth: I do not really have a favourite song on all the songs that i have made over the past few years. I really think that all the songs are really good and love them all for their specific messages. But.ill give an exception toy last single called Dai Matinunura which speaks to Africa and having peace reign in all our continent and its African back to the roots feel.


Don: Lyrically, what is your best work in a song so far?

WordzMyth: Well there’s a lot and i do not judge according to how i hear the songs but according to how my audience reacts to the songs and for the most part many people have come to me saying your mixtape really helped me to wanna become a true christian and they didn’t really mention specific songs as i would ask but they told me it’s difficult to choose because most of them are so good, that response then assures me that I’m doing a really good job in terms of my execution.


Don: This is a question I ask all artists who I work with, what is the vision for your music? At what point would you look at it and say “I made it”

WordzMyth: When i touch single hearts with my music and people van say this guy ministered to me with his music and it added to my christian life. Then i would say i have made it.

Above is his first mixtape: “Behave God Is Watching“, it speaks for itself.