April Prayer Points for Favour

April Prayer Points for Favour



April Prayer Points


April Prayer points

Establishment is taking root in a place. That is what we have been praying for. The Bible says the Israelites were established in Egypt during Joseph’s time. However when Joseph died and a new leader came who did not know about Joseph, he enslaved them. That will not be your case. This month, in April prayer points we are praying for fruitfulness in the land that we have been established in. We are praying for favour in our establishment. We are praying for his covering.


Take a knee: Lord we give you glory for establishing us. Thank you for the spheres that you have rooted us in. We ask that you would grant us favour to be fruitful and favoured in the land that we have been established. We give all honour and glory to you. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

For those of us who are new to our family, each hour has 3 prayers points. This makes for 20 minutes per prayer point. Our prayers are continuous. Day in day out, we pray these prayer points. Welcome to April prayer points.


  1. 1.       Seed
  • Father we thank you that you give seed to the sower. Give us seed to sow in this season. 2 Corin 9:10
  • Lord we thank you that this seed will be sown on good soil. Luke 8:5-7
  • Teach us to plant bountifully and bear fruit. 2 Corin 9:6


  1. 2.       Labourers
  • Lord send us labourers for this work. Colossians 3:22-24
  • Give us labourers who have a heart of service. Colossians 3:22-24
  • We ask that you would give us labourers of skill and value. Colossians 3:22-24


  1. 3.       Strength
  • Lord we are weak, give us strength to carry on in the midst of all trials. Psalm 28:7
  • May your strength be made perfect in our weakness. 2 Corinthians 12:9
  • Grant us strength to be meek and submit to you.


  1. 4.       Loyalty
  • Lord we pledge our loyalty to you. We will follow you wherever you lead. Matthew 26:35
  • Grant us grace to stand by your word at all times.
  • We repent of all and any times we have denied you, in word or action or lack thereof.


  1. 5.       Prayerfulness
  • Lord give us the grace to pray earnestly.
  • Give us grace to be prayerful in our prayers. Let our prayers not be mere rituals.
  • Give us a hunger and desire to be in your presence. Luke 13:24


  1. 6.       Obedience to walk where you order
  • Lord we repent of any and all times we have not followed your lead. Romans 2:13
  • We repent of disobedience and arrogance. Romans 2:13
  • Lord grant us the grace to walk in the footsteps that you have ordered. Romans 2:13


  1. 7.       Conker worm
  • I speak your covering over all seed that I have sown.
  • Any hand, and mouth that seeks to devour my seed will not prosper.
  • I rebuke the spirit of the devourer. My harvest will ripen unharmed.


  1. 8.       No weapon
  • Lord I commit my enemies into your hands this instance. Anyone who seeks my distraction oh Lord. Vengeance is yours. Romans 12:19
  • I rebuke any hand that has been raised against me. It will not succeed. Isaiah 54:17
  • No weapon fashioned against us will prosper. Every tongue raised against will fall to the ground. Isaiah 54:17


  1. 9.       Restore what has been stolen Psalm 41:3
  • Anything and everything that has been taken from me is restored this instance.
  • Whatever has been taken away from me from childhood, at birth or at any time is restored.
  • Any hand that has stolen from me will itself be responsible for restoring me.


  1. 10.   Increase
  • Father we ask for increase in all we have planted.
  • May our seed be increase hundredfold in this season.
  • Whatever we have will grow and bless generations to come.


  1. 11.   First fruit Proverbs 3:9
  • Lord we thank for making us fruitful.
  • Lord I pledge to give you the first fruit offering in praise of all you do.
  • Lord I commit all that you have given me into your hands, for I am incapable of handling all on my own.


  1. 12.   We are royalty, kingdom lives in us 1Peter 2:9
  • Lord teach us to always recognise that we are royalty and value ourselves.
  • Grant us grace to always represent your kingdom as best possible.
  • Always remind us that your kingdom is alive inside of us.


  1. 13.   Boldness before man
  • Lord, grant us boldness to stand for you in front of man. Matthew 26:35
  • Grant us boldness to speak up against any and all wrongdoing. Matthew 26:35
  • Grant us boldness to be your light even in the darkest of places. Matthew 26:35


  1. 14.   Roots
  • Lord we pray that everything that we plant be rooted in you.
  • May our root go deep and wide, to sustain the greatness that you have put inside each and every single one of us
  • I declare that we shall not be moved or shaken. We stand on your word.


  1. 15.   Wisdom for what we have Proverbs 16:3
  • Grant us spiritual awareness to be able to recognise you voice.
  • Grant us awareness of all attack of the enemy
  • Give us wisdom to protect and nurture what we are stewards over


  1. 16.   Seed for future
  • Father we ask that you would grant us grace to be relentless in our pursuit of you.
  • To be relentless in our pursuit of all that you have said to possess
  • Give us wisdom to always plan with a view of the future.


  1. 17.   Continual fertility
  • Lord we pray for all those who serve us. Those who work under us. May you bless and increase their families
  • Teach us to diversify and grow in time. We refuse to be stagnant.
  • Grant us grace to always bear fruit in due season.


  1. 18.   Restore my soul Psalm 23:3
  • Lord I ask that you would raise me any time I falter
  • May my soul always drink from your word. That I may never thirst
  • Lord you restore my soul!!


  1. 19.   In the presence of my enemies Psalm 23:5
  • Grant my enemies grace to see the goodness you are doing and will continue to do in my life.
  • Thank you that in their presence you prepare a table for me.
  • I thank you Lord that your glory gives me joy, my cup overflows.


  1. 20.   Praise in affliction Isaiah 29:19
  • Lord, grant us grace to praise you through all life’s storms.
  • Give us strength to always call on you.
  • Thank you Lord for you are God even through my trials.


  1. 21.   Prayer Relay Movement
  • Give us courage to stand firm on your word and march on
  • Grant us greater revelation and understanding of your word that we may deliver your message explicitly and understandably.
  • Give us grace to remain united. We rebuke any form of division.


  1. 22.   Equip a woman foundation
  • Lord we commit this ministry into your hands. May it thrive as you have set it out to.
  • May all expectations be fulfilled.
  • This ministry will touch and change many lives across the world.


  1. 23.   Favour against jealous
  • Lord grant us favour in the midst of unkind company.
  • Raise me up even when they have thrown me down to the lowest.
  • May any negative words said against me work for my good.


  1. 24.   Establish us for generations to come Proverbs 24:3
  • Lord I pray that you would equip us to build lasting structures.
  • Equip us to build legacies that will sustain generations to come.
  • By your blessing on my life may generations be blessed.


Thank you for taking your time to be part of this Movement through these April prayer points. I assure you that God is doing mighty things and has even more amazing things planned for us. Let me take this moment to invite you to our Facebook page “The Prayer Relay Movement” https://www.facebook.com/groups/419806371379959. We are now also on InstaPray @PrayerRelay. On twitter @PrayerRelayMvt Let us stay connected and support each other on this journey of life. In the next couple of month we will be launching our expansion plan. If you’d like to be a part of this, please don’t hesitate to be in touch.

Contact us on prayerteam@100declarations.com.


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