Christian Leaders Scandals...What has gone wrong?

Christian Leaders Scandals…What has gone wrong?


Christian Leaders Scandals

Bishop Long scandal Bishop Ed Long
Bishop Eddie Long has apparently taken a sabbatical leave from the pulpit to try and save his marriage which has been rocked by his alleged homosexual scandal. To date five men have come forward accusing the Bishop of sexual harrassment. Numbers in his church have massively dwindled as a result of these incidents.

Benny Hinn’s Alleged affair with Paula White
World renouned Ministers Benny Hinn and Paula White have been accused of having an affair after pictures of the pair holding hands surfaced in the press. Benny Hinn denied the romours only admitting to a friendship between them and nothing more.

Da Truth Admits To Affair!

Gospel rapper Da’ T.R.U.T.H. announced that:

“in light of a moral indiscretion in my personal life, I will be taking a sabbatical from music ministry and teaching upon fulfilling my current commitments to work closely with my pastor, church, and restoration team.”

When we sin and fall down is it best to just be quiet about it and let it be discovered or put it out there and let’s deal with it? What’s done in the dark always comes to the light…Da’ Truth could have hide this from his wife and the public but he chose not to….But by taking this path it seem to say that he’s more honest, more repentant and more mindful of the path to recovery and restoration…Mine-you he was the first one to come forward and admit that he fell…. I respect Da Truth a lot more because he came out and said something… Right now, there’s talk going around about Tye Tribbett…Right now he’s not acknowledging or admitting to anything…But if it turn out that he did get someone pregnant who was not his wife and he has lied and denied his sin and wouldn’t take responsibility for his actions, let’s just say I’m not gonna be a fan any more….That’s how Jay Moss lost me as a fan of his music….You can not receive from someone you don’t respect bottom line….Da Truth is not justifiying his actions… he acknowledges they’re wrong and he’s not leading people in the wrong direction by kind of excusing his behavior…. Out of all the mess that’s come to light lately.. so far.. this one has been handled the best….Right now marriage is under attack!

Ask yourself why?


The enemy could come after each and every one of us individually but he knows his time is alomost up. The Bible says like a thief comes in the night so shall the son of man. No one knows the exact day of his coming but from the state of the world we know that the coming is near. Thus for the devil to beat you he attacks your LEADERS, those who teach you the word. Those who pray and fast for you and encourage you to hold on and trust in the Lord even when you think there is no hope. Unfortunately we seem to forget that they are only human. They have weakness just like we do. King David a man whom we all admire did at some point fall as well. He fell into lust and adultery as well as having the blood of his soldier Uriah on his hands. This was not an easy time for him when the Lord sent the prophet Nathan to tell him that he had wronged him. He dropped to his knees and wept. He sought the Lord and asked for forgiveness and the Lord our God forgave him.

If our Righteous God who knows no sin can forgive them. Who are you not to forgive them. All of a sudden we forget what they have done for us we look away from all good and focus on these short coming. The enemy is winning but we are too arrogant and self righteous to see this. If a church scatters will the non-believers consider joining us? What of if we would stick together as the BODY of Christ and seek the Lord and intercede for these leaders. Where there is unity God commands his blessing. Does the eye leave the head because it is aching? Does the toe leave the leg when it bleeds? Why then does the body of Christ break apart when a part is troubled? Is it not Jesus our Lord who said they should know us by the love that we have one for another?

I think it’s time we grew up and not be BABY Christian for ever. Take your place and STOP running all over the place like a headless chicken…Do not be like a LEAF that is SHAKEN by every WIND that BLOWS, instead be deeply ROOTED in your FAITH like MOUNT ZION. Come rain come thunder it is not shaken…AMEN

I believe this has ministered to you share it with some believers and edify the body of Christ.

God Bless and Much Love

Street Preacher


  1. Christian Leaders Scandals...What has gone wrong?


    Brother it’s not the forgiving many have issues with, it’s trusting again. You actually have those who are now marking & avoiding people based on the fruit. We are in a time where many don’t have time to spare when it comes to those who willingly do what they please then wait to come to themselves & admit wrong. Many are considering their own soul salvation & allowing God to lead them because many men/women are falling & are not going to the cross for forgiveness. I am not speaking against or with the ones guilty, what I am saying is, there are those who are tired & want to worship God without all of the extra. Believe or not, the members & followers of all of them go through just as much if not more of the leaders & mentors who get ‘caught up’ & called out (due to them trying to defend the exposed). This is something the a one-blogger will not solve. You can’t expect people to just bounce back like nothing happened because good points have been pulled from the Word & shared. Some will bounce yet for others it will take prayer, inner healing & time. God bless you & thank you for sharing.

  2. Christian Leaders Scandals...What has gone wrong?

    iLL Ceey says

    Ill Ceey
    I had checked it out earlier man and I think your conclusion is mos def the right way to look at it. You know sometimes God allows us to go thru certain things to humble us, teach us and prune us. da T.R.U.T.H’s “The Whole Truth” album really ministered to me and is one of the tools God used to get me back here again. Why coz I could feel his pain, openness and honestly. Basically he was broken and we know that God uses broken people. Before in all honestly I struggled to listen to him coz I couldn’t relate to the high standard that was portrayed in previous albums. On this one I saw a real person. I also faced such criticism as well. There were gospel artists I used to mess with but after I went secular they rejected me. I only talk to and work with one now that I’m back coz I know that dude is real and instead of rejecting me, kept me in his prayers and touched base with me once in a while.

  3. Christian Leaders Scandals...What has gone wrong?


    Well said guys @Mr Mitchell I value your God is a Healer he can deal with all brokeness and u are ryt its our souls we should focus more on. @iLL Ceey I share your point of view i felt the pain that Da Truth felt…and thank God he has been restored.God Bless u guys

  4. Christian Leaders Scandals...What has gone wrong?

    Anonymous says

    ummmm, interesting stuff… I wonder who leaks such information like this especially spiritual leaders like Brother Benny Hinn and Bishop Long. I am not debating the right and wrong of what is alleged against our Christian brothers and leaders, I have a problem with how the media just rushes to blast these people. Before I make a conclusion I always wanna give the benefit of doubt like I do to my blood brother (The Spirit is THICKER than MILK). My blood brother might be wrong but nowhere on earth will I ever let a stranger blast him. I’m surprised by the media, especial in the West, they fabricate an earth shaking story from a PHOTO!!!!! I respect Bishop Long and him taking a sabbatical rest is no admission of the allegations, i believe it is for him to seperate his personal life from the pulpit. Do you see how the church is, we are quick to abandon our brethren on the basis of some over zealous journalist. it is SAD.. SAD… SAD! Brothers and sisters let us not allow the enermy to separate us, Let GOD vindicate His people, let’s pray for them. Honour is not a product of the physical senses, it is a product of faith and the will. I will still honour Brother Benny even IF it turns out to be true that something like that is going on in his life. I choose to honour the anointing on him, i choose to see Bishop’s LORD and Judge above his shortcomings. Remember when a priest smacked Paul on the mouth and Paul said stuff to him and later apologized? wasnt the priest wrong? Wasnt Paul justified? The priest was as wrong as two left shoes, and Paul was justified, but because of the Law and order of God, Paul apologized because he was out of line. Remember what the word says “Be not be deceived God cannot be mocked for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he reap”, these media people that a laying charges on God’s elect are going to reap, just wait and see!!! Lets be quick to hear and slow to speak, get them knees on the floor and let God be the Judge and Jury!!! Thank you all

  5. Christian Leaders Scandals...What has gone wrong?


    I share your point of view there’s so much prejudice in the church…ppl are too quick to judge I dnt understand why the body of Christ is glad to see their own fall.I ges we are in the time of the end…The devil is making his last stand.Let’s us all join hands and pray for our brethren instead of slandering them irregardless of whether they are wrong or right

  6. Christian Leaders Scandals...What has gone wrong?

    Surez says

    Thanks for this…I needed this my pastor has been through it. It hurt me badly. God bless

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