Christian Rapper starter kit #2

Christian Rapper starter kit #2


Christian Rapper Starter Guide

Christian Rapper starter kit2

Welcome to the second instalment in this series. In the first instalment we covered the 1 in a million concept, defining your brand and vision. If you missed this you can read it HERE. So let us move on. As promised at the end of the last post, we will be covering Investing in your art and surrounding yourself with haters. Let’s get into it, Christian Rapper starter guide!

In a world were there are more and more artists rising everyday, you need to place great value on your music if it is to stand out at all. There are many “producers” rising everywhere. Just because someone has a computer, some speakers a microphone, a bootleg version of fruity loops does not make them a producer. As an artist you need to invest in your art. Understand that good production will always come at a price, what price are you willing to pay to develop you final product. The saddest thing among the great producers that I speak to is that they all face the same problem, artist do not want to pay! They want free beats, free studio time and so on. The honest truth is if you do get free beats after bugging a producer, you’ll never get his/her best ones. The value that you place on your art will drive you to sacrifice to make the resources that you need to make the best product possible.


How to invest in your art

  1. Free beats are a readily available online from various sources, you need to start refusing to get just any beat and actually going out to get that beat that you want.
  2. Do not compromise on quality. Just because it’s God-music doesn’t mean it’s good music. Just because¬†you make music for Christian audience does not give you a ticket to pass lower quality products.
  3. Please stop recording with incompetent producers and engineers because they are cheaper.

On the third point I have come to learn that as a musician you ought to make all tracks with a view that this may be the only song that a listener will hear of you, therefore make an impression in those few minutes that you have. Our generation has a wide range of sources of entertainment, therefore we are less patient! Don’t give them a reason to doubt your ability.

4.  Invest time in your art. Listen to other BETTER artists. Keep yourself working towards something. If you hear nothing but your own voice to often you begin to believe you are the best and are less and less inclined to improve.

5. Invest time in practicing. When I worked on my first project The City Call, together with Croft, I didn’t put much practice into it. As a result every time I listen to those tracks I am reminded of what a bit of practice could have done. Regardless of the great response we had, I was no where near my best. Do not cut yourself short!

6. Learn some of these things. Having an understanding of music software and processes involved will help you push your producers and engineers to attain the best product possible.

Surround Yourself with haters

This is a very awkward thing to say, considering how castigated haters are on a day to day basis. As an artist you need to learn to exploit your haters to better your craft. Generally, no matter how good anything you do is, your haters will never admit that it was good. You need that! Paddle you music within earshot of your haters, as long as they say how whack you are keep pushing harder! At some point you will begin to see them divide within themselves. That should not get you slowing down. When your music becomes a part of your haters’ playlist then you are getting there, even if they decide to rename it and discredit you by changing artist’s name, that’s good. I am fortunate to have my best friend as my greatest fan and hater. Even when I do something that the whole world is buzzing on. Even if I were to beat Bolt on a 100metre dash, the best comment I’d get from him would be something like “It was aiight”, “Maybe Bolt is injured”, but I like that. It has always kept me pushing to attain a level higher than where I am. Keep your self surrounded by haters, you need that.

Thank you for reading this Christian rapper starter kit #2. Go ahead and share with others. The next post will cover “Presenting a professional front, the business side”

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