Dee-1 SlingShot David mixtape released

Dee-1 SlingShot David mixtape released


Dee-1 Slingshot David now out

dee-1 slingshot david


If for some reason, that is only known to you, you have not heard Dee-1 Slingshot David is now out. I was not aware that he was going to release this mixtape at all. That being said, it was such a pleasant surprise when just before bed I received an email letting me know that Slingshot David mixtape had just hit the net. As you would expect, I went and downloaded it and sampled a few tracks before bed. I took a walk earlier today, just to get some time out to just listen to the mixtape. It is a typical Dee-1 project, with a lot of thought provoking lyrics, witty word play as well as the funny track.


Verdict on the mixtape:

It does not take long to wean you into it, you are thrust into a great opening track, which also happens to be the title track. “It’s David/Slingshot David…” The track carries that trademark Dee-1 authenticity. It speaks of his struggles encountered while trying to build his music career. The one man army is on a mission!

It is followed by Against Us Remix, which is on point. That’s the track that features Lupe Fiasco and Big Krit, and of course an intro and Outro from Dee-1’s grandfather. You have probably already heard this one if you follow Dee-1. I love the hook, it really goes down. Favourite line on this one is, “Who cares if you die rich if you ain’t dynamic!”

The massive hit, Sallie Mae back is also on this tape. I will not go through all the tracks, don’t want to take away the element of surprise when you do listen to it. There is a few lines calling out the usual industry fakes that Dee-1 often calls out. There is a lot of love in this. Go ahead and download it, and tell us what you think.

Dee-1 Slingshot David Download

Be on the lookout for the album, by the same title said to be coming in October or November. Dee-1’s website


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