We have been taught so often about how much of a fool the devil is. That is all true, but we are never taught or rather reminded that he is not a complete idiot. After all he was created by God himself. The message you are about to read came to me as a word in season for myself. It came as salt in my wounds…my self inflicted wounds. Indeed the word of God is sharper than any two edged sword, this word cut me deep. It cut me right where it hurts. The major error that we make as believers is that we are too focused on what is seen on the surface that we end up missing what God seeks to do inside of us. It is like one that has a tumor inside. See on the surface everything is well, yet inside there is a war. There is such devastation within that if left too long this tumor can destroy everything. Yet on the outside everything looks rosy. For the surgeon, to get to the tumor there is some flesh that needs to be cut. The problem is not the flesh itself, but what lies beneath it. God wants to deal with the inside, not what is on show. He is after the heart. May the sword that is his word begin to work on your flesh right now in the name of Jesus.

Before Goliath:
The bible speaks of a small boy much like some of us. It says this boy was herding sheep….he had a domain that he was faithful to. He was so faithful to it that he often risked his life to protect it. Brothers and sisters in Christ, if you’ve ever wondered why God hasn’t promoted you. Why God hasn’t elevated you, look at your domain. God looks at how well you do with what you have before He puts you in charge of greater things. This is the same principle that Jesus taught in the parable of the talents. The one who made the most of what he was given was elevated the most. God saw the love that David had, the skill that he had to lead sheep…and elevated him to lead a great nation. Before you get to where God has set for you, there will be obstacles. What you must understand is that some obstacles will not present themselves to you, you have got to present yourself to such obstacles. You are rewarded accoring to the magnitude of the problem that you solve. You need to identify the problem yourself. You see opportunity does not always shout when she walks by your house, you need to always have your eye outside the window in order to spot her and pursue her. Which is what happened with David in this case. He was not in the army, he was not even big enough to fit in the armour. Brethren when great opportunity comes there are always a million reasons why it is not yours…maybe your age, background, race or time. Whatever it is something will come against you. He wont send Goliath again… It is up to you to stand up and refuse to be refused.
The key is to view things differently. That’s what separated David from the trained soldier. Sometimes your lack of qualification is your qualification. Had David undergone the required training he would have been aware of what a man the size of Goliath could do. Yet David had gone into battle fearless, because his training had been different. Instead of knowing what Goliath could do he knew what a sling and a stone could do. He knew what a mighty God could do.
When you have conquered your problem you are bound to be elevated. It may not be instant, but it will happen. Congratulations. If you have not gotten anything from this message so far, let it be this next part that you get. The devil will not send Goliath again!!! You see, you can not face the same problem twice. You must refuse that. If you face the same problem more than once, it means you did not fully conquer it the first time. This is the significance of David cutting off Goliath’s head after defeating him. The devil, as cunning as he is…he has no power to resurrect. He may duplicate but he can not resurrect. Do not look away from your challenge, do not go into celebration before you cut the head off. The problem is only overcome when it is headless.
I’m speaking to someone out there who is struggling with addiction. Im talking to someone who feels powerless against this addiction, because it keeps resurfacing over and over again. I declare right now that you wield the sword of the spirit. I declare that head of addiction chopped off as you swing you hand in a chopping motion. That addiction will not resurface. That addiction will leave you this instance in the name of Jesus. That nudge you feel, to go back to it…I declare that the strength of the Lord that walked with David as he faced lions and bears, that same strength that stood with him against Goliath will stand with you. I usher you into victory in the mighty name of Jesus. Addiction you have no control over her…you have no control over him in the name of Jesus.
Father God all glory and honour be unto you. We thank you for this word in season, we thank you for all addictions that you have cut. All captives that you have set free by this your direction. Be glorified father.
Scripture: 1Sam 17:1-58
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support this year. Merry Christmas!!!!


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