What would Jesus say to the gay - Christian view of homosexuality

What would Jesus say to the gay – Christian view of homosexuality


Christianity homosexuality

What would Jesus say to the gay?


Christianity homosexuality

Homosexuals have seen widespread persecution in recent years; this has increased and decreased in certain areas. Campaigners for opposite sides of the spectrum have been clashing more and more. Politicians have wielded this and used it as a way into office or simply to garner more support dependent on the geographic location. There was an outcry in the press recently when the president of Uganda recently passed an “anti-gay” law, which local press says has been widely accepted by the larger majority in Uganda. On the opposite side of the spectrum gay marriages have become more and more common in some states of the America, with various groups campaigning for and against this. Western powers have tried to use their influence in developing countries to push the agenda forward in the name of Human Rights. These Human Rights rightly say that every individual should be allowed to pursue happiness and a family life, which also includes a married life which they have argued, does not necessarily have to be confined to a particular sex. This was seen not too long ago when former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair was on a panel with Liberian president, Ellen Johnson where she was questioned whether Liberia would allow gay marriages or legalise them to which she replied that “We have got certain traditional values in our society that we would like to preserve.” More recently there has been a media row over Christian Rapper Bizzle‘s response to Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ song ‘Same Love’. Much of the media has claimed that Bizzle used this sing to preach hate against the gays, which he has severely denied.

When all these debates arise across the world religion begins to take centre stage, as it seems to hold the major power in influencing the outcome of such issues. This mainly turns to Christianity which many know does not condone same sex relations. However as Christians how do we respond to this? Where do we stand? How do we stand? To answer this question, we need to go back to scripture and draw God’s perspective on this. Forget what you know, or what you think you know, let’s go back into God’s word together and allow his word to re-educate us. It does not matter if you believe in God or not, there’s always something to learn from this, so do not run away just yet. Let’s dig into Christianity Homosexuality

In his words

Jesus throughout recorded scriptures was never seen to focus on the wrongs of any individuals. He, of all people knew all sins that people had committed. For instance, when he met the Samaritan woman at the well, He knew of her promiscuity, yet he never spoke to her in any derogatory way. He offers her his love instead. Once exposed to his love the bible records in verse 39, 39 Now many Samaritans from that town believed in him because of the report of the woman who testified, “He told me everything I ever did.”

Christianity has persecuted and hated these people

If there is one thing that all Christians agree on is that, God is love. As such I have come to learn that, contrary to what I grew up being taught in the church, God loves us unconditionally. He may not condone our behaviour but loves us nevertheless. As with any father, he will punish and seek to guide us back to path if we lose our way.

How would Jesus relate to them

Jesus came and lived an exemplary life among us. He showed us the way that we should relate to others around us. He is the friend of sinners. I am one of these sinners that he is a friend of. He did not come for the good, just as the physician comes not for the well, but for the sick. If you are perfect, it is not for you that he came down. He came for the flawed! To understand how he would relate to them, we will look at some people who were shunned by society, and see how he related to them.

How did he relate to Mary Magdalene?

For those who may not know Mary Magdalene was one of Christ’s followers. She is one of the few who remain with him all the way to the cross. Mary remained faithful even when great men such as Peter denied Jesus. He story starts as she is about to be stoned for adultery in John 8. Jesus went on to stand up for this woman when everyone else wanted to stone her, according to what was taught by the Law of Moses. Later on she is seen pouring expensive perfume at his feet and using her hair to wipe. Everyone that was around Jesus was disgusted that he had been associated with such a person, who society as a whole rejected and thought lowly of. Matthew 26:7. In verse 13 13 I tell you the truth, wherever this gospel is proclaimed in the whole world, what she has done will also be told in memory of her.” Jesus assures them that this prostitute that they were looking down upon would be remembered wherever the gospel is told. This is how Jesus responded to one sinner. She was very instrumental in his ministry till the end.


How did he relate to Zaccheus?

How about Zaccheus who was a hated tax collector? He had robbed every one of their hard earned money, and collected more than what was due from the people. He had become a wealthy outcast. You would not expect God to associate himself with such a person, yet that is the graceful God that we serve. He called him out of the tree that he was in; he went to eat in Zaccheus’ house, much to the despair of many church leaders. This is what we are doing nowadays; we are not reaching out with love to the homosexual individuals. Rather many of us are holding placards that say “SINNER, REPENT OR BURN IN HELL!!” Was this the way Jesus reached out to people? When Apostle Paul was called out of the darkness into the marvellous light in Christ, many believers were hostile. Jesus never held Saul’s sin against him; he opened his eyes so he could see clearly that what he did was wrong. The bible records that scales fell from Saul’s eyes. This murderer went on to reach most parts of the world and do mighty exploits for Jehovah. See this situation through Christ’s eyes and not society’s, Christianity homosexuality.

No sin is greater than another

Romans 3:23

23 forall have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. 24 But they are justified freely by his grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus.

We are all sinners, not a single one of us is without sin. We have an inherent sinful nature, yet we are also very judgemental and unforgiving. In God’s eyes no sin is small or greater than another. Lying is just as bad as murder. This is obviously not the case in human law. I think it was the rapper Mouthpi3ce who said “Just because you sin differently from another, does not make your sin any lesser.” That sums it up, we need to learn to extend God’s grace to others and not hold their sin in their faces. Where is the love of Christ, we are his body yet we are not carrying his love to all people. Christianity homosexuality, let us not pick and choose who we reach out to.


Let he that has no sin cast the first stone

We are all with sin, yet we are often sin to be the ones leading mobs to cast stones. Mankind has a wide deviation from God’s will and plan, yet we have a ministry of reconciliation. We are called to bring mankind back into the loving father’s arms.

Condemnation or redemption?

Finally I believe this is one of the most fundamental things to understand. The ministry of reconciliation that God has called us to is one that seeks to redeem his people and not to condemn them. The church has for a long time been responsible for pushing an agenda of condemnation, which is not one of Christ. We need to understand that for most people, you and I are the only representation of Christ that they’ll see. If you push condemnation, they do not want to know this God who seeks to kill and burn them in hell. God teaches us that he has given us a choice of life and death, yet he tells us to choose life. If you are that representation of life, do people see you and want to have that life? Jesus said “If you see me, you have seen my father.” When people see you, do they see God? When the prodigal son returned to his father having left and wasted away, his father opened his arms and took him in. He did not bring up the wrongs that the son had done.


I’m no expert on how it occurs

There is no scientific agreement as to the causes of homosexuality. Many theories have surfaced, such as sexual conditioning, sexual abuse, and unhealthy relationships with people at a tender age. Scientists have no absolute proof of the genetic causes of homosexuality.


A team of international researchers has completed a study that suggests we will probably never find a ‘gay gene.’ Sexual orientation is not about genetics, say the researchers, it’s about epigenetics. This is the process where DNA expression is influenced by any number of external factors in the environment. And in the case of homosexuality, the researchers argue, the environment is the womb itself.

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Some countries such as Brunei have recently launched gay stoning. The homosexual individuals will be stoned. However I’ll pose a question, is this not what Jesus stood against? He said if no one condemns you he would not condemn you. Do they see God when you address them? Do you correct them with redemption in mind? Where others wanted to kill Jesus had redemption in mind. It is time we sought to redeem and not kill those we view as wrong or sinful. We are no better than anyone else. Leave a comment, Christianity homosexuality.







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