Ministry or Me-nistry?

Ministry or Me-nistry?


Lover of selfMinistry or Me-nistry

2 Timothy 3:2 says, 1But realize this that in the last days difficult times will come. 2For men will be lovers of self, lovers of money, boastful, arrogant, revilers, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, unholy, 3unloving, irreconcilable, malicious gossips, without self-control, brutal, haters of good,…

Our generation does not need to be told about this, this prophecy stands true today more than in any other time in history. We are lovers of self, a fatherless generation filled with man that love themselves selfishly such that they’d rather preserve their boyhood than step up to father the child they have brought into this world.

Who are you ministering to?

Every individual is a ministry. Our spheres are not the same, our callings are unique but everyone has a calling to minister. The scale of that ministry and the demographics will not be the same, but all are ministers. In your own home, in your workplace, in your neighbourhood you are carrying some form of gospel. What gospel are you preaching with your words and your lifestyle? Many of us carry a message of doom and gloom all week and want to simply change that in time for their Sunday service in church. This is displeasing in the eyes of God. The world sees the gospel that you preach with your lifestyle every day of the week.


Me or God

Sadly many-a-time I see men who are being ministered to by a congregation that they are not in fact ministering to. I see leaders who live like kings while their followers live like poppers. Jesus, who God sent to show us the way came and set a sample of how it is meant to be. He lived among his disciples and ate as ate. He blessed them! He washed their feet, yet in modern day churches it seems the leaders are more focused on their own feet being washed. They are no longer concerned with ministering to the Lord, let alone his people. As a follower you need to also be a leader of self. Look at the people leading you, and judge where it is that they are leading you to. Are your leaders really ministering to you, or are they ministering to themselves? Many leaders are fattening their pockets at the expense of their followers, well Christ’s followers. A shepherd’s duty is to feed his flock. Jesus says to Peter in John 21:17, “Simon son of John, do you love me?” Peter was hurt because Jesus asked him the third time, “Do you love me?” He said, “Lord, you know all things; you know that I love you.” Jesus said, “Feed my sheep.

As leaders we are called to feed his flock, and not the other way round. Do not get me wrong, I understand that ministry at all levels requires sacrifice, which at times means one is not able to fend for oneself, and the followers would then provide for their leader. However at times some leaders begin to abuse this position. It is sad, but absolute power does corrupt. Once a leader is no longer answering to God, he is now corrupt. We do not have to look far; we see this on a daily basis. Christ is no longer represented properly by those that claim to be representing him.

Let us remain in ministry and desist from me-nistry. We should remove self if we are to fully and efficiently minister to God and others. I believe this is why Jesus would tell those who followed him to leave everything. They had to leave themselves and become a part of him. Let us no become lover of self.

Lord Jesus, we give you glory and honour for all you do and all you are to us. We repent for any and all times that we minister to self instead of to you and your people. Teach us true ministry. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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