Take my life off Thi'sl Fallen King

Take my life off Thi’sl Fallen King


Thi’sl Fallen King (Take my life)

thi'sl Take my life


This song is off the upcoming album. Thi’sl Fallen King. The video opens with a statement into the statistics that the common man is not aware of. This is the extent to which persecution has gone in some parts of the world, it has as was prophesied become a privilege to worship the Lord. It always has been but when persecution comes, one begins to realise just how privileged they are to be able to worship God without being persecuted for it. In take my life Thi’sl gives us a glimpse into the lives of many Christians around the world.




The video perfectly captures the mood of the song. Thi’sl, Json and Flame killed it here. The hype in the video is well worth it, the passion is tangible.



See a song like this is so realest… (Realest)

So authentic… (So authentic)

No gimmick… (No gimmick)

And by the first amendment, man I’m free to speak (free to speak)

About an ancient king from the Middle East

He’s the Lion, the lamb, the I am from Zion

They crucified him, so defiant

And the first of the 10 commandments, been abandoned

Looked at man and there was no alliance

There was slow compliance and No compliance

I know they’re hating

I get it…I get it

But who resurrected? He did it. He did it

He laid his life, and took it up

2000 years plus nine, look it up

Christianity spread…

Gained the bloodshed via scorn…look it up

I ain’t tryna be a tough guy

And I ain’t tryna be a martyr either

And I ain’t got the kill me complex

I just wanna be just like Christ

And if it’s my time to go, I wanna die with grace

And if my time to go, I wanna die with faith

Knowing I’m about to see his faith

Wanna be filled with the spirit and no longer fear

I’m living for you Lord as long as I breathe



You can take my life x 6

You can take my, take my x 6

You can take my life x 6


J’son’s verse:

Let’s Go

Let em take my life

I said go ahead and take it

Tell me how am gonna lose it

Christ already saved it

He said I gonna cock back and let it fly through that bull’s-eye

I said cool, I got Clear Sight and my lamp is on that Full Ride

So go on and take my life

Ima lay it down, where the ground at

Where the ground at, on that ground flat

For every soldier that’s chained up, that’s been locked down

Church boy, to church girl

Every Youth group that’s getting mocked now

Christ is still with us, he said he wouldn’t leave us.

He promised us so

They’ll mock us, they’ll shoot us, and they’ll lock us up

I promise they won’t stop our souls

Death you’ll keep from me

We’ve got the victory, we just cock and reload

Death your sting is bee

We still believe in the rock, he’s our fortress

He got us for sure

Weee refusing to stand down

His face while we stand up

His faith to your heart now

Everybody get your hands up

He makes my life. He can break my life

He can shake my life

If he wants to, he can take my life



You can take my life x 6

You can take my, take my x 6

You can take my life x 6


Thi’sl Verse:


I had a vision; I was locked up in this Middle Eastern prison

Guards all around me, stepped up like something serious

On goes, they got guns.

Looks like I’m losing

They asked me, did I love Jesus before they shoot me

Holes all in ma body

Blood all over ma body

We all know how this gonna go

Ain’t waking up in a new Bugatti

If I make to that place, Jesus hold me close

Take my fear; fill me with your holiness

This goes to my brothers over in that Middle East

They gunning off in them streets

They’re running up in their houses knocking with that heat while they sleep

Popopopo (gun sound)

And it’s all for the cross coz they only proclaim his name

They aint scared of the guns, aint scared of the jail or the chains

This for Africa, Syria, Afghanistan

Every soldier that lost their life all the way over to Pakistan

They can close our eyes but they cannot dim my light

Coz they say I’m gonna die



You can take my life x 6

You can take my, take my x 6

You can take my life x 6


Thi’sl Fallen King will be out on the 6th of May. I have already pre-ordered. I trust this craftsman, even before I see his craft. If you have heard anything from his last releases you’d know that this man is in no mood to joke. He is out to reach the hood with this message of a risen king. Head over to iTunes and pre-order Thi’sl Fallen King today.

thi'sl fallen king

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