Willow Smith Illuminatti Star?

Willow Smith Illuminatti Star?


Was browsing the web when I ran into this disturbing article. Sad as it may be, the music industry is infested with Illuminatti. Giving artist wealth and fame for their souls…careful what your children are listening to. Read and feel free to comment. Is Willow Smith illuminatti?

Willow Smith: Next Illuminati Star?

Willow Smith, heir of the Hollywood royalty couple formed by Will Smith and Jada Pinkett, is definitely being groomed for superstardom. The 9 year old has been signed to Jay-Z’s label Roc Nation and there are already signs of her becoming a mini-Rihanna – a young singer trained and dressed to propagate the Illuminati agenda.
Will Smith has come a long way since the days of Fresh Prince of Bel Air. He is now one of the most powerful people in Hollywood with important connections in the movie and record industry – not to mention his ties with Scientology – and he is determined to see his children carry on the legacy.
Willow smith in leopard
Animal prints, code for beta programming mind control…or for a very bad stylist
You know what this stands for. What is even more disturbing is the fact that her eye seems to be covered by someone else’s hand
Skull and bones, culture of death and all of that stuff
Will Willow Smith become the next Illuminati pop star? Is she one of those mind controlled child stars born into elitist families? Only time will tell.
Done deal

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