You were made for such a time

You were made for such a time

You were made for such a timeFor such a time as this

Many of us will never reach their destination. I’ve heard people say to others, “You have an advantage in life.” Well the truth of the matter is in this race of life we are never running on level ground. Some as we often say are born with a silver spoon in their mouths, yet most of us have to dig ourself out of deep pits that we are born into. This is not an excuse however for not making it. In the story of Esther the word of God says she entered the land as a captive, well so did Joseph. For now we will stick to Esther. The good Lord is a Lord who calms the storms, therefore there is need for storms to exist in our lives for him to take action. If we look at the story of Esther she felt helpless when she was told of the plight of her people, which according to Modecai could become her own as well.

We are all in the same situation…many are feeling helpless at the state of their economy, helpless at the instability of the markets, and the terrible state that the job market is in. I’m here to let you know that you were placed where u are for a time as such as this. Joseph was thrown in the pit…the lowest place…but in God’s plans he was placed in that place for a time as that which the merchants would come and buy him. He was put in Potiphar’s house for a time as that which he would be tempted and finally accused. The Lord seeks to elevate you far beyond the reach of your accusers. There needs to be accusers though. Just as Judas was in the centre of God’s plan for Jesus’ glorious destination,..some of you accusers are there for a purpose. Their persecution will open doors that would not have otherwise been open.

What is your excuse for not reaching higher altitudes? Is it your race?…is it where u were born?…is it where u live? I’m here to tell you that you were made, born where u were born, raised were u were raised and now live where u live for a time such as this. Picture wen young Joseph was forcibly removed from his coat of many colours and thrust into a pit. He could have been with his father but he was taking food to his brothers for a time as that, that he would be thrown into a pit that would start his path to being governor in a foreign land. God knew that famine would strike his land…so he sent Joseph forward…raised him to a position that would control the food. He was placed there for a time as that which the famine would come.

God positions you in a place, that very place where you are in right now for a specific purpose. Whether you are in the pit or the palace, it is the best place to be for such as time as this. Had Joseph’s brothers not planned to kill him, Reuben would not have intervened and advocated that Joseph be cast in the pit instead, Had Joseph not been in that pit Judah would not have thought it better to sell him than to let him die, Had the Ishmelietes not passed by Judah and his brothers would have not had anyone to sell him to, Had he not been sold to these specific people he would not have reached Egypt, Had Joseph not been a slave he would not have worked in Potiphar’s house, had he not worked in Potiphar’s house Potiphar’s wife would not have wrongly accused him.

Have you ever considered the fact that at the time that Joseph was working in Potiphar’s house there were men that were put into prison, men that Joseph would not have ordinarily met. For Joseph to meet these men he needed to be in prison. That’s where Potiphar comes in, your accusers or haters as they are known nowadays are there not as barriers but as catalysts to your destiny. The same way that Judas was a catalyst to Jesus’ destiny. Had Joseph not met these men he would not have interpreted their dreams. Had he not interpreted their dreams his skills would not have reached the ears of Pharaoh. Proverbs 18:16 says that “A man’s gift will make room for him, and bring him before great men.” Think of it, the great man need to hear about your gift before they summon you. Your time in prison, that time where you feel you are at your lowest may be the very time that God is enhancing your CV, and putting it into the right hands.

Had Joseph not gone before Pharaoh he would not have interpreted that dream, that dream that elevated him to governor. Wait a minute let’s go right back to the beginning of Joseph’s story, the bible says he had dreams that saw him ruling over his brothers, and he told them. I have had people say be careful who you share your dreams with, but think of this…had Joseph not told his brothers of this dream they would not have hated him more. Had they not hated him, he would not have ended up in the pit. God is a perfect planner ladies and gentlemen…so never ever despise where you start, or where you are at this very moment because “YOU WERE MADE AND PLACED THERE FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS.”

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You were made for such a time

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